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What You Should Know About Non Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT)?

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Non emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is a specialized transportation service designed to transport patients to and fro the hospital for meeting the doctor’s appointments. For example, you may need transportation to bring your son who recently broke his leg to undergo a rehabilitation programme. You should get informed as much as possible about the non emergency transportation service before hiring one.

Does Insurance Support Coverage for NEMT Services?

Usually, it is Medicare and Medicaid programs that offer coverage on NEMT services. Private insurers don’t include the coverage by default but you can add it as an additional benefit. The insurance may provide coverage on all or part of the cost of the NEMT services.

You will need to ask your physician to put down in writing the need for non emergency medical transportation. The insurance will also cover the travel cost if you have to be transferred to another health care facility to receive the treatment. There may be certain criteria that need to be met to get approved for the coverage of the NEMT services.

What are the Different Types of NEMT Transportations?

Non emergency medical transportation services like Encore Transports can accommodate patients who are in wheelchairs as well as patients who are using complex medical equipment. They also have trained medical staff to constantly monitor patients who are in critical condition while in non emergency medical transportation.

A wheelchair van is the most basic type of non-emergency medical transportation. It is designed to carry patients who are wheelchair-bound or patients who need aid in walking but they have no need for other medical care. There is also non emergency medical transportation with basic life support for patients who need regular monitoring and administration of oxygen. NEMT with advanced life support is for patients with the need for intensive medical assistance. Usually, the van will be equipped with an EMT, paramedic, and other necessary medical equipment.

Patients who are in critical care will need a van that has a ventilator or pump. There also needs to be a paramedic on board. Bariatric medical transportation can fetch patients who are obese and weigh over 300 pounds. They can provide a wider stretcher to carry the patient.

What to Know about Using NEMT Services?

You should avoid independent drivers who say they can carry the patient in their private van. It is also not recommended that you use a taxi to carry the patient since they don’t meet the NEMT transportation requirements. Before hiring, make sure you verify the vehicle meets the standards and the driver must also be trained. If you choose to use a NEMT brokerage, make sure it has a track record of professional recruitment.

Professional NEMT brokerage companies will facilitate all aspects of the arrangement of transportation without extra cost. They can arrange for your transportation coordinators that know you well. All your trips will be recorded and you can request the follow-up report at any time. A good provider will arrive and deliver the patient to the clinic punctually. There are also government-run NEMT companies that offer affordable services to Medicaid patients. Patients have the options to choose the transportation method they prefer.

Some states require you to obtain preauthorization from the doctor before using NEMT. If not obtain preauthorization, they may require you to provide proof that you are being dropped off at the health care facility. You can contact your health insurance company to ask for more information on what you should do before using NEMT. Your health care provider may also be able to provide information on the options.

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