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Ultimate Guide to Renovating Your Basement

Renovating Your Basement

If you are thinking of increasing your property’s value and maximizing your profit, basement renovation might be your option. Generally, basement renovations will add extra space to your house. Additionally, it is a great way to have another unit that may help you pay your mortgage. Consider visiting the showroom near your area where you can get quotes, have your questions answered by professionals, and source materials. The following guide will help you renovate your basement.

1. How Do You Want to Use Your Space

Planning should be your first step. Find enough time to figure out every detail, like the family’s lifestyle and how you want to use your basement space. Usually, young families who love watching movies and hanging out will require an entertainment space or a recreation area.

Do your children like playing drum sets? You will need to build a sound-tight music room for your sanity. Additionally, for your in-laws, gift them with an awesome bedroom suite when they visit you. Considering how you wish to use your space is crucial before proceeding to the next stage.

2. Complete Architectural Drawings

Look out for a professional design and renovation company that will help you determine your lifestyle and needs. Consider having the professionals inspect your basements’ nuts and bolts to determine what’s possible.

During their initial visit to your place, they will do two important things. They will have to measure everything in your basement. They will then consult the production manager, who checks what needs to be demolished and where to install plumbing and the bathroom.

Those who wish to renovate their basement by themselves should have an expert to help with drawing work. You can even ask them to help you with the layout, and you are ready to go.

3. Check for Structural and Moisture Issues

Before you begin your basement work, be sure to inspect it for structural and moisture issues. Check out for any previous signs of water leakages on your walls and any foundation cracks. Additionally, examine the joists for unsolved issues; your floor is also an element to check out.

Usually, the home inspectors will evaluate the basement as it is possible to tell your house’s condition once you examine the basement. Generally, most basements have some issues; it might be tiny cracks that you will easily fix or significant matters where you need professionals to repair.

4. Set Your Budget

The cost of basement renovation is usually high, and hence you should make sure as you go in, you have it all right. The budgets might escalate as the basement area is quite large than your upstairs kitchen or washroom. Usually, most renovation companies will build all things from scratch.

Some offer a simple renovation package for your basement, including flooring, painting, electrical, and adding drywalls. Since there is some installation code that you can’t skip, this package includes those installations.

However, the cost will increase if you are looking to have a tenant, as you will have to include a kitchen, bathroom, and a separate entrant. To reduce any stress, ensure that you stay on your budget.

5. Get the Right Permits

Securing permits will help you avoid renovation delays, especially when you wish to add a kitchen or some plumbing fixtures. The only instance that you won’t require a permit is when you want to do some wall finishing but not when you are creating washrooms or a kitchen.

6. Select Your Furniture and Finishes

Choose finishes and features that will bring about a great impression of your basement. Consider painting the walls with bright, light colors like a light grey or an off-white. As for lighting, design, and flooring, consider having expert help.

Finally, if you plan a basement renovation, consider the above guideline.

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