3 Questions to Consider Before Buying a Wedding Suit

Wedding Suit

Wedding suits are critical to men as they are to women. While choosing the right outfit for the big day is a tough ask, selecting the perfect one would allow the groom to be the center of attraction in an unsurpassed suit. The grooms may need to seek advice from style advisors or do their research on what to wear on the big day while taking into consideration their wedding theme or inspiration.

If you’re going to get wedding suits or tuxedos from busy tailors during the peak wedding season, it is best to schedule an appointment to ensure you got your hands on the suit at the right time. Hence, the planning process for the wedding outfit should begin about two to three months before the wedding day. Apart from the ahead-of-time planning procedure, you should also consider the following essential questions before getting a wedding suit.

Should you rent or purchase a wedding suit?

All grooms would stumble upon this question as soon as the wedding suit selection begins. So which is better, renting a wedding suit or buying one?

In recent years, the trend of purchasing wedding suits has taken off and become more popular than renting a suit. The trend’s popularity is due to several reasons, including style, cost, sentimentality, and the option to reuse the suit after the memorable day. Grooms who can afford to buy a wedding suit should go for it. They can even keep it as a memento to remind them of the beautiful day in years to come.

On the other hand, renting the suit or tuxedo for the wedding is suitable for grooms who are on a very tight budget. Some outfits, such as traditional suits like the morning suits, are also best rented than bought since they would not be worn again after the wedding day.

How much money should you spend on a wedding suit?

Every groom has allocated their budget and attaches values to almost all things they wish to buy for their big day. So, essentially, how much money they should spend on a wedding suit is a personal question they need to ask themselves based on their capabilities while discussing it with their other halves. The good news is that nowadays they can get their hands on almost any style, fit, fabrics and design of wedding suits regardless of the price point, be it offline or online.

All they need to do is do take their time screening and skimming through all available options and compare them for the best choice. They can get more options or even discounts when shopping online for wedding suits.

What is the primary wedding etiquette for the groom’s dressing?

The types of weddings can be formal, informal, or based on season or venue. When it comes to wedding outfits, the groom-to-be has four classic options, which include:

  • Morning dress: Morning dress is for a formal daytime wedding, particularly in the United Kingdom. It consists of a waistcoat, morning coat or half morning coat and trousers.
  • Tailcoat: This knee-length attire is typically worn only when the groom’s tradition strictly demands it. It has a long skirt divided at the back known as tails with a cutaway in front.
  • Tuxedo: This outfit is the ideal choice for grooms who wish for a very formal wedding that begins in the evening. This classic attire has satin details and accompanied by a silk bow tie.
  • Three-piece suit: This attire is a contemporary option for grooms wishing to wear both stylish and traditional suits. This suit gives the groom many choices when it comes to colors and fabric varieties.

Even before choosing a wedding suit, there are several things you need to consider. You need to decide whether to rent or buy a wedding suit, allocate a budget for it, and consider the primary groom dressing’s wedding etiquette.

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