Natural Hair Texture: Your Ultimate Guide

Hair Texture

Even if you use regular hair care, you may experience loss in hair quality. If that is the case, you probably have a change in your natural hair texture.

In a sense, loss in hair texture is unavoidable. It is something that has to happen due to age and genetics. However, it is also something you can stop and reduce.

There is a way to control hair texture change through various methods. At least you can do it with hair care and natural hair products.

What is Hair Texture

Hair texture refers to the structure of your hair. It is not something you can see with a naked eye. However, you can notice it when your hair becomes thinner or gains volume. Or, you notice the change in color and the shape of your hair.

Hair texture change is how you call all these symptoms together. The problem with hair texture is that you can affect only specific aspects of it.

Even when you look at those you can’t change, you can still reduce their effects. If this so far sounds like something scary, relax. Loss of hair texture quality is something all people go through. Go to this website in order to acquire additional information about the latest ideas of fashion.

Some know how to prepare for it better.

Natural Changes

First, there are natural changes such as aging. It is normal to experience a loss of hair texture quality as you age.

As you get older, all bodily functions drop. Your body becomes weaker, and it becomes harder for the body to regenerate. Then, hair loss becomes an apparent effect of old age. And, in that instance, there is almost nothing you can do.

Of course, those changes happen after you pass 50, and even later. It takes time for these changes to take drastic measures. Even then, with proper hair care, you can reduce the effects of natural changes a lot. But, there are things you can’t affect whatever you do.


The aspect of hair texture you can’t affect is genetics. If your family members have hair loss problems, you are going to experience them as well. Therefore, you have to prepare for those hair changes in advance.

The silver lining in that story is that you can have excellent genetics. In that case, you can have a beautiful weave without any effort. So, it is best to explore your family line and look at their hair. For better or worse, your hair may be going to look like your mother’s.

Natural changes and genetics are aspects of hair texture you are unable to affect. Yet, these changes are permanent. There is a similar yet passing effect on hair texture.


Hormones affect your hair texture. That is most visible when you look at women during pregnancy. During pregnancy, women have more hormones, which leads to thick hair full of volume.

However, once the pregnancy ends, women experience a decrease in hair texture quality. And, in some cases, women may even lead to hair loss. But, once the hormones get back in balance, you may expect hair texture recovery.

There are natural causes for hormonal changes. Often, your hair texture gets back to normal once you reach hormonal balance again.


Now, it is time to take a look at the things you can control. For example, your diet. The foods you eat impact the quality of your hair, skin, and nails. So, you want to eat foods with more proteins and more nutrients.

If your diet consists of a lot of carbs and fats, it will impact your hair quality. Thus, improving your diet is the first thing you want to work on. Make sure to eat a lot of vegetables and healthy meat. Do not forget to visit this website  in order to acquire additional information.

Avoid sugar consumption. Keep doing that for a few months and compare your hair quality.


The next thing you want to watch out for is heat. Usually, women decrease the quality of hair texture while they style their hair. They use too much heat and damage the hair in the process.

So, if you want to protect your hair texture, make sure to visit a hairstylist. A hairstylist can help to style your natural hair without damage. Or, if you want to style it without the help of a stylist, use dry and wet methods.

Avoid heat if you have high porosity and weak hair. Also, avoid heat styling if you recently went natural.


Stress is another aspect that you can control. However, it is also one of the toughest to control. It is known that when you succumb to much stress that it can lead to hair loss. And, that is why it is important to get regular rest and avoid stress.

To combat stress, you can do wellness, yoga, work out, or even meditate. Of course, you can do other things to help you battle stress.

In the end, do what works for you. But, make sure to keep your chill and stay stress-free.

Product Use

Now, the usual reason why you women experience hair texture change is due to the product build-up. They often use the wrong products that damage their hair and lower hair quality over time. That is why it is so important to find a natural hair routine that works for your hair.

Thus, to solve all your hair texture problems, start with understanding your hair porosity level. Then, find an appropriate hair shower routine for that hair type. Get organic products and raw ingredients for the hair routine. Keep repeating it until your hair gets a significant increase in quality.

After about a year, you can see that improvement. And, that is about all you can do to counter your hair texture problems.

Improve Hair Texture

Working on hair texture is about embracing the natural hair routine. It is about using a natural products to feed your hair with the nutrients it needs for a better look.

While genetics and hormones are detrimental to hair texture, so is your hair routine. Put effort into the hair routine and enjoy your natural look. Learn more about natural hair texture or beauty tips on this website:

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