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Why More Food Brands Are Prioritizing Nutrition

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Restaurants, food product developers, and other food brands are increasingly focusing on the nutritious value of the foods they offer to customers. Everywhere you look, you’ll find signs, labels, and marketing materials that emphasize the nutritional value of food – and new products that attempt to bring nutrition and healthy eating to the forefront of the brand’s messaging.

We are also seeing a rise of major players in the food product development industry focusing more on nutrition. Griffith Foods, a global food product development brand, specializes in producing high-quality, delicious, and sustainable food ingredients to consumers all over the world.

So why is this the case? Why are more food brands prioritizing nutrition? And will this trend continue?

The Obesity Epidemic

The obesity epidemic has gotten completely out of hand. In the United States, between 2017 and 2018, the obesity prevalence level was 42.4 percent. By contrast, the obesity prevalence in 1999-2000 was 30.5 percent.

Western cultures, in general, are disproportionately obese and these number are continuing to increase. While obesity isn’t an exclussive measure of health and it is possible to be obese while consuming a healthy diet, poor nutrition and overeating are the root causes.

However, obesity is correlated to a host of other major health issues. As people become more aware of the dangers of obesity, and as obesity becomes a bigger threat, people are turning to healthier and more nutritious eating options. They know that a handful of simple changes to their diet could be enough to help them lose weight and stave off a potentially premature death.

Access to Information

It also helps that people have better information and more access to that information than ever before. These days, nutrition scientists know more than any scientists from other generations; there’s still a lot to learn in the world of human nutrition, but we stand at the top of many decades of hardworking people who advanced our knowledge. We have a much better understanding of nutrition and its relationship to human health.

Nutrition and health data are also transparently available to anyone with an internet connection and a few minutes of time. Within minutes, you can look for studies that confirm or deny a given fact about health or nutrition. And no matter what type of nutritional goal you’re setting, you can find an online forum or a group of community members who are willing to educate you and support you in pursuing your healthy eating goal.

Because of this, people are more informed about nutrition topics than ever – and they want to use this information to eat healthier. They’re much more discerning about the restaurants they choose to visit and the foods they choose to buy at the grocery store.

Market Differentiation

Some brands are shifting to offer more nutritious food and healthier eating options as a form of market differentiation. To date, dozens of major fast food brands and food product brands have made a name for themselves by offering low-quality, yet delicious junk food. When the market is overwhelmed with non-nutritious choices, nutritious and flavorful choices stand out. Those nutritious choices are even more enticing when they’re produced to be every bit as delicious as junk food equivalents – if not even more delicious.

Health Awareness

The COVID-19 pandemic and other cultural shifts are also responsible for greater public awareness about the importance of personal health. In the early stages of lockdown, some people naturally begin to overeat and live a more sedentary lifestyle, resulting in weight gain and an important reckoning; many of these people then made an effort to turn their lives around and focus on more nutritional eating (along with more exercise). People may have also realized that many health afflictions, including COVID-19 itself, are more threatening if you don’t have a nutritious and balanced diet.

The Feedback Loops

There are also two feedback loops in play to sustain the trend of nutritional eating. First, interested consumers are spending more money and spending money more frequently on nutritious and healthy foods. This encourages food development companies to create even more nutritious and delicious products, sustaining the course of innovation and introducing more products to market.

Because there are more products on the market, and because there’s more public attention being paid to nutrition, more people are becoming more interested in nutrition. This has formed a reliable stream of new people making food purchasing choices with nutrition and health in mind.

So does this trend have the potential to continue indefinitely? Nutrition has always been important for our health and wellbeing, but it always hasn’t been at the forefront of our food purchasing decisions.

Today, we live in a much better world with better access to nutritional information, more food brands developing reliably nutritious products, and public support for healthy eating. It’s hard to say what the future holds, but it stands to reason that this will remain a high priority for our society for many years to come. You can visit the website for more information on nutrition. This website will also provide you with excellent diet plans.

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