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TAG Heuer

In 1860, before the known company TAG or Techniques d’Avant-Garde purchased a large stake in the company, Edouard Heuer started his watchmaking company at the La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland. He then started unique patent mechanisms, and up to this day, some of these are still operating in mechanical clocks.

Heuer was also famous for creating his own chronographs; he also started creating dashboard clocks that can be used for planes and even cars. It was in 1914 when they started selling chronographs that the general public can wear on your wrist. Heuer also struggles at the start of his business, just like the other Swiss watchmakers.

The Monaco Automatic

The Monaco Automatic is one of the most iconic timepieces the TAG Heuer owns; it comes with a square style; it is also the clock that Steve McQueen made popular to the general public. These also come with a chronograph that comes with heaps of presence, and this clock can start a conversation.

It comes with the movement Calibre 11, or for a more affordable price, you can avail yourself of the model that comes with Calibre 12, or if you want to go all out, you can have the model that comes with the movement Caliber Heuer 02. It is famous for its 80-hour power reserve. The size of this timepiece is 39mm with a luxurious price of $5,400 and up.

The Monaco Quartz

If you are looking for a much more affordable Monaco collection, you can have the Monaco Quartz timepieces. It also offers users a classic style when it comes to watches. The size for these watches is 37mm, and the price ranges from $1,750 up to $2,450.

The Autavia Heuer Heritage Calibre 02

This timepiece is also part of the Heritage watches, a series watch of the TAG Heuer. Certain models are known to recall the 60s when the chronographs registered in three helped in the time lapses worldwide. It is also well known to have a bezel that is 12-hour and can track a different time zone worldwide.

The Aquaracer Standard Mechanical Caliber 5

This certain model offers users a 300m water resistance and comes with a time and date. The style of this certain model is also marine-inspired. There are many colors available, and it also comes in two different sizes that will surely fit everyone. The price range for this model is from $2,200 up to $2,950.

Aquaracer Mechanical Chronograph Caliber 16

It is known to have similarities with the Aquaracer with a standard mechanical, but the chronograph version of the Aquaracer comes with a three densely packed register. The size of this model is 43mm. The complications it has are time, date, and chronograph. The price ranges from $3,300.

Carrera Chronograph with 02 Movement

The movement 02 gives this certain model a boost when it comes to modern mechanical Heuer. You can have many different choices for the 02 models, including the GMT. They might look like the 02T cousins, but still, they offer a price that is not heavy. The price ranges from $5,350 up to $13,100.

Aquaracer collection

The Aquaracer is not known to be dive watches in the 1980s. Heuer was competing with its competitor when it comes to watchmaking, and it is keeping its pace with other luxurious brands available. Today the Aquaracer is known to have tons of sizes and colorways. They also come with quartz movement or mechanical.

Carrera Collection

The Carrera collection is known to be the most iconic collection the TAG Heuer has created. It consists of different varieties of models, which come with different features like an encrusted dainty diamond on their women’s watches and chronographs skeletonized.

Formula 1 Series

In the 1980s, the Formula 1 of the TAG Heuer is one of the most must-have timepieces for sports-oriented persons. They all understood the concept of having a durable watch and worth it for every penny they have. The Formula 1 is known to have a sporty look, affordable price, durable; it is also waterproof and colorful.

Link Series

The Link means it links to its straps; its straps’ curvy looks make it distinctive from the TAG Heuer watchmakers. We know that there are tons of watchmakers racing into the luxurious market as of now, but the TAG Heuer watchmakers have been in the luxurious market for a long time now.


Mentioned above are some of the most luxurious watches the TAG Heuer offers. Aside from that, there are also the top-selling timepieces of the TAG Heuer ever since. This selection might help you find the right watch for you to use every day or for your special occasion.

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