8 Key Facts About Oris Watches That You Should Know

8 Key Facts About Oris Watches That You Should Know

Oris made its debut in 1904 and suddenly became a massive hit for watch enthusiasts. The brand is widely infamous for its mechanical timepieces with high standard technology. Until today, the brand continues to gratify its customers worldwide.

You might be wearing one of the best Oris watches today, but how much do you know about this brand? Let’s take a closer look at Oris wristwatches by reading these top facts about them. Get yourself ready to be amazed.

The Red Rotor Is The Brand’s Defining Feature

As a celebration of its success in 2002, the brand introduced its iconic Red Rotor that is made from premium quality materials. Today, the feature is highly considered as one of the fundamental elements of most Oris watches. The Red Rotor is usually located in the watch’s transparent case back.

The Brand Was Founded In 1904

After buying the Lohner & Co. Watch factory, Paul Cattin and Georges Christian founded the brand. The brand’s name came from a local brook located in Hölstein’s Swiss city. Shortly after the launch, there were additional factories established in the neighboring towns. By the year 1911, the Oris brand became one of the biggest employers of the Swiss industry.

The First-Ever Company To Introduce A Worldtimer Timepiece

A Worldtimer watch allows you to adjust the time forward or backward by pressing the pushers located on the side of its case. This is especially helpful for all travelers out there. Oris is proud to tell the whole world that they are the first-ever company to launch a Worldtimer timepiece. In 2004, as a celebration of its 100th anniversary, the band released their new Artelier Worldtimer as a significant part of their “Oris Centennial Set.”

The Brand Reconceptualized Its Logo Way Back 2018

To honor the history of Oris, the brand reconceptualized its logo in 2018. The logo now includes Hölstein, a small Swiss town where the brand was founded. This is also the beginning of the brand’s campaign, “Go Your Own Way,” which indicates their dedication to constantly introducing top-quality Swiss-made timepieces to the whole globe.

It Consists Of Four Primary Categories

The band consists of four primary categories: Motorsport, Culture, Diving, and Aviation. Each category is intended for particular professions. However, watch enthusiasts also used them to spruce up their everyday fashion.

Aviation Watches

This is a collection of vintage and modern-themed timepieces. Most of their vintage watches include signature configuration and pointer dates. People also love how their modern-inspired collections provide more innovative functions and more stylish aesthetics.

Motorsport Watches

The Motosport brand’s collection highlights the beauty of Chronographs. However, the series also produces vintage and modern timepieces that grab the attention of thousands of watch lovers worldwide. They are also specialized in producing a more complicated collection.

Dive Watches

The brand’s Dive timepieces collection also highlights the appealing beauty of classic and contemporary aesthetics. Their classic collection mainly consists of back-catalog classics, and their contemporary-themed series are commonly described as larger watches with a more complicated mechanical.

Culture Watches

Culture watches refer to non-sports timepieces of the brand. This type of watch mainly consists of traditional styles with simple aesthetics or minimalist features. The Atelier and Classic series are two of the most favored choices under this category.

The Brand Created The Rotation Safety System (RSS)

The Rotation Safety System (RSS) served as the brand’s revolutionary development. RSS is a patented technology that is used to protect the unidirectional rotating bezel. This was featured on the brand’s ProDiver Chronograph timepiece way back in 2009.

It Launched Its First Automatic Movement Watch In 1952

The brand launched its first automatic movement in 1952, consisting of a power reserve indicator and accurate timekeeping. Shortly after, Oris made more innovations and introduced its first chronometer.

It Was Initially Recognized by Its Alarm Clocks

During World War II in 1939 to 1945, the brand was first recognized by its alarm clocks rather than its watches that people are wearing today. Creating this device is one of the defining historical moments of the brand.


Its rich history is perhaps one of the key factors why Oris has been widely recognized. From its Aviation to Culture watches, the brand offers a great collection of your desired luxury. It mainly uses high-standard technology to produce top-quality products.

Whatever your preferred style is, whether you like vintage-inspired or contemporary-themed fashion, you can always find it with Oris. Stand out from the rest of the crowd just by simply incorporating their beauty and elegance.

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