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Amid various polemic about Kratom plants in Indonesia, since last October, there has been quite encouraging news for Kratom farmers in Indonesia because the Ministry of Agriculture has classified Kratom into the list of herbal medicinal raw material plants, and Sutarmidji as Governor of West Kalimantan convey this news with enthusiasm. So far he has been quite aggressively promoting Kratom as an herbal plant through various media because according to him the people of Borneo have always used Kratom as an herbal ingredient for immunity and relieving pain.

Previously there was also a meeting at Bina Graha Jakarta between the Governor of West Kalimantan and the Deputy Regent of Kapuas Hulu together with the Chief of Staff to the President, the National Narcotics Agency, the Ministry of Health, and the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency, the work meeting resulted in several points conveyed by the chairman of the meeting, among others

  1. Further research is needed for kratom to get research results related to its positive effects (as a drug) and negative impacts (the risk is 13x dangerous than marijuana)
  2. The ecological impact must be considered to save the forest & the living environment as the biosphere (the lungs of the world) and the ecology of Lake Sentarum. we will have a meeting with the Ministry of Environment & Forestry to discuss this.
  3. The kratom trade system needs to be disciplined, whether it will be controlled by one door by the West Kalimantan provincial government.
  4. Do not cut the kratom trees to save the forest that has become a world concern (do not become a problem for Indonesia because it destroys the forest). If necessary, do you need to create a special area for that area?
  5. Find substitute plants for replanting the community as alternative income if not kratom cultivation.
  6. The problem of kratom must be socialized to the public about the dangers of the kratom substance, not to increase the number of kratom trees.
  7. a fixed 5-year deadline applies from 2020-2024 while continuing to explore aspects: health, sociological, socio-economic and ecological

The Kratom problem is a serious concern for the Governor of West Kalimantan, because this province, especially Kapuas Hulu District, is the largest producer of Kratom leaves in Indonesia and a source of income for hundreds of thousands of farmers and laborers there, and he strongly disagrees if the sale of Kratom is banned after entering tofu. 2022 on another occasion the Governor of West Kalimantan also said that about 50 percent of the area in the upper Kapuas was areas where other plants were difficult to grow, only kratom trees that thrive. currently, Kratom is planted with approximately 20 million trees. There are 121,000 Kapuas Hulu residents in 278 villages, whose income depends on kratom because the price is quite promising

so that with the above decree of the Minister of Agriculture, Governor Sutarmidji will follow up with serious actions, namely through the Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget to finance several research projects on the benefits of Kratom leaves for health.

According to the speaker, he specifically asked Tanjungpura University in Pontianak to spearhead this research which will involve several pharmacists, and for now, the Kratom sales policy is only for export purposes, while for domestic consumption it is better to wait for research results to produce safe and safe products. beneficial for the interests of present and future generations, this is also needed on a national scale, namely, good cooperation from several parties, especially support from the government, academics, pharmaceutical producers, and Kratom farmers’

So, where I can buy Kratom near me?

In terms of sales of dried Kratom leaves, the selling value can still be increased, namely, sales in the form of standardized extracts with a high level of hygiene carried out by Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises with the supervision of pharmaceutical factory partners. Sales of special standardized extracts for supply to pharmaceutical factories so that misuse is minimized

Meanwhile, as is well known, the Kratom tree is a plant that grows and spreads in several Southeast Asian countries apart from Indonesia, namely Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Papua New Guinea, if you find 2 kinds of Kratom in Thailand, the types are based on color. Vena stems, namely red veins and green veins, as well as Kratom in Kapuas Hulu, West Kalimantan, there are also red veins and green veins

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