The Best Places in the World for Digital Nomads to Start a New Life

Digital Nomads

The internet has given rise to a new generation of professionals who are not shackled in the confines of their office cubicles: the digital nomads. These workers can perform their tasks at home, in coffee shops, public parks, in a co-working space, onboard a train or a boat, on a beach, etc. In short, the world is their workspace.

These people are typically young, and most of them are freelancers. They communicate with their clients online and submit their output over the internet. Moreover, they are safe from the prying eyes of supervisors.

Their lives sound like a dream to many people, but the benefits do not end there. There are digital nomads who have managed to continue accepting work and earning dollars while living on a paradise island.

And, there are places that are welcoming to digital nomads where communities of like-minded people have formed. These places provide an escape from the constant distraction and consumerism of the West.

Uprooting your entire life from your homeland would not be easy. You would need to find reliable moving help to transport your things from your old house to wherever you plan to establish a new life.

These are the best places in the world for digital nomads or those who want to become one.

Bali, Indonesia

Indonesia is a wonderful country in Southeast Asia with pristine beaches, lush forests, tall mountains, active volcanoes, and friendly people. The island of Bali, a province in Indonesia, is known internationally as a holiday destination, but it also has a community of expats, some of whom are digital nomads.

Bali is like Hawaii except everything is more affordable. You can get a decent apartment with ample room for work and for leisure for a couple of hundred dollars. Food would not be a problem, either. Indonesian food is cheaper than what you can find in the United States or the United Kingdom, but it tastes amazing. The roadside stalls may not look impressive, but they serve some of the tastiest meals on that side of the planet – all for a few bucks.

As a popular holiday destination, tourists from all over the world come in and out. You would not feel alone or out of place in Bali.

Bangkok, Thailand

Southeast Asia, in general, is popular among tourists. However, Bangkok, Thailand is one of the most well-known places in the region. The city capital is not exactly known for its beaches, but living there would still be a fun adventure.

Bangkok wears its history and culture on its sleeves. You would see temples and pagodas scattered across the area. The traditional values are still being observed by the locals. Moreover, you still will live in a city where you can get almost anything you need.

Although the people speak Thai, you can get around by using English. There is also an expat community in Bangkok to help you feel settled in your new home country.

Playa del Carmen, México

In the Americas, digital nomads can move to Playa del Carmen in Mexico. The place is known for its white-sand beaches and energetic night-life. It is a popular tourist destination that ranks among travelers as one of the trendiest spots in Mexico, right up there with Tulum.

The beaches of Playa del Carmen are perfect for snorkeling and diving. The nearby reefs attract a vast array of colorful sea creatures of all shapes and sizes.

Some areas can get crowded with tourists as cruise ships pass by the small town. Most of the time, you can enjoy a quiet life in paradise.

The cost of living in Mexico is a little less expensive than in the U.S. However, it would not be as affordable as in Indonesia or Thailand. There are also a few co-working spaces in town where the internet is fast and fellow digital nomads congregate.

Hawaii, United States

Hawaii is not exactly the most obvious destination for digital nomads. Although the atmosphere is more relaxed compared to New York or Seattle, the cost of living is quite expensive. You will need upward of $3,000 to survive in the capital city Honolulu or the island of Kauai.

That said, do not expect to see a lot of digital nomads in Hawaii. There are remote workers there, too, but you would have to dig deeper to find them.

Hawaii is perfect for those who do not want to deal with the hassle of visas, currency exchange, or learning an entirely new language from scratch.

Becoming a digital nomad would be a different experience than what you, and the majority of the labor force around the world, are used to. There is no one workplace, no one boss to answer to, and no colleagues to interact with. Everything about your job is temporary. It can be difficult to maintain a steady stream of income because the number of clients may vary from week to week. However, once you have mastered it, becoming a digital nomad will give you so much freedom to do what you want to do and live where you want to live.

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