The Biggest Cocktail Trends of 2020

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Cocktail Trends of 2020 and HIDE in Deep Ellum

Lighter drinks appear to be enjoying a new popularity less than a month into the year 2020. Instagrammable and lower AVB cocktails continue to be called for and are not slowing down anytime soon.

The new millennial generations have been calling for elevating some brands, innovation on drinks never done before. So far the new decades have been seeing resulting trends such as the rise of rose, to beer imitating sports drinks to natural wines.

Here are the current top cocktails and who made them popular.

-Pared down

Made popular by the Artesian at the Langham in London, pared downs are made with two ingredients. The usual is a spirit mixed with a flavor. It can be anything from gin to spiced rum. They are enjoying an explosion on minimalist menus who have been trying to get away from the complicated mixes but looking for something innovative. The Scarfe’s Bar in Holborn’s Rosewood now ferments for their own drinks, such as banana wine. They can the fruit from leftovers from the restaurant dishes.

-Carbonated Drinks

Fizz is no longer just for champagne. Operation dagger in Singapore seems to get the credit for making at-home carbonation of drinks popular. One of the masterclasses at a London’s Cocktail Week was dedicated to the history of carbonated drinks. The Aperol Spritz seems to be the most popular. It is made of soda, Prosecco and orange Aperol.

-Improving the Quality of Gin

In the U.K., over 400 more gin brands, over 365 being premium brands, have been hitting the cocktail markets. They don’t appear to be stopping anytime soon, either. Premium gin consumers tend to use about 7.3 more gin brands than the average gin customer at 6.9. William Grant &Sons have called for a brand identity to stand out from the competition and for the sake of preserving the point of difference.

-Previously Unpopular Spirits

Chris Hamilton, the Head bartender at the Katherine Brassiere & Bar in Winston, North Carolina has made a prediction that spirits, such as Highballs, are going to make a comeback with an emphasis on quality and the process of how it’s made. Others, such as soju and gen ever are already enjoying a large showcasing as well.

-Salt and Umami Flavors

Tommy Householder, Bartender at the Watershed Kitchen + Bar has stated that he can finally see a willingness to try salty and umami flavors. The boozy and citrus flavors have been done so much and since there’s been a call for innovation, he can see it happening now.

Umami is another term for the meaty or savory flavor.

One U.S. Bar Deserving of High Recognition

One bar that has received wide recognition is the HIDE Bar in Deep Ellum in Dallas, Texas. They have been established only since about 2017 and were voted the best new bar then. They also won Best Bar in 2018 and Best Cocktail Bar in 2019. The HIDE Bar in Deep Ellum prides itself in being a comprehensive entertainment center in the Dallas area. They have everything from music venues to their own cocktail bars.

Many of their cocktails are particularly exquisite. For example, their Rose All Day is a pink drink mixed from rose, gin, grapefruit, and lavender. Another well-known one of theirs is their Irish Hickory Dickory Dock that looks like a heavily foamed latte. It is a very mix of cold-brewed coffee, Irish whiskey, chai tea, sherry, etc.

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