The Ultimate Guide to Sales Recruitment

Sales Recruitment

Recruiting the right people for certain positions requires skill. Lots of skill. It also requires patience. When bringing good, qualified individuals into the organization it takes time and effort.

This is twice as difficult when it comes to sales recruiting. Sales recruiting is an extremely competitive area. Many different companies are looking for exactly the same type of highly qualified sales people as the next.

The ability to be successful in sales is a sought after trait. Companies are willing to pay whatever it takes for persons who have mastered the art of sales. Can an individual be trained in this profession? The answer is yes, however most companies prefer salesmen that are duly experienced, with proven talents.

There are some traits that can be identified as a potential for success, but the organization is taking a chance. Typically, while a new salesperson is in training the firm is losing money. And too often once the person has been fully trained and is now a viable asset, he or she leaves. Moving on to greener pastures is common in the industry of sales.

Creating Profiles and Job Descriptions

When recruiting for the best salespeople, come up with the perfect profile. Allow the profile to have all the things that makes the most desirable sales individual. The list may contain some of things below:

  1. What are the ideal skills desired?
  2. What’s the preferred background?
  3. What’s the most desirable experience?

As a firm it is important to build a profile that contains what is truly sought after by the current management team. Building the profile will be similar to building a person. The skills, background and experience will be what the firm’s sales team looks upon as valuable.

Taking a look at the firm’s current successful sales members will give the person that is building the profile lots of ideas. What is the background and experience of those individuals. Did they all receive some sort of special training? Did they all happen to work for a certain organization, previously?

What are their traits? Does it appear that they all have similar traits? What motivates them? Are they all motivated by the same thing? What are their selling techniques or styles? Are their selling techniques and styles the same?

Once the profile is created and finished, it can be used to move forward with much more clarity. Next create a detailed job description. Remember when applicants read this job description on job boards etc, they will either continue with the application or they will walk away.

So take into consideration what is required. Taking a look at your profile may help. A requirement is just that, something that they must have to be considered. If it really isn’t needed, it could be labeled under the title ‘preferred, but not required’.

However, even though the firm does not want good people to walk away, neither do you want unqualified applicants. So both of these scenarios must be taken into consideration. List just the right requirements to draw in the right people.

Job Postings Dos and Don’ts

When creating job posts on job boards, be certain not to use vague words that could could applicants. Also be straight to the point concerning the average salary of new employees. However, make note of promotions or pay rate increases.

When advertising on post boards make the position sound appealing. Do not make the position sound undesirable. Listing the different perks that may come along with the position would be wise.

Listing special opportunities and training offered by the firm could grab the attention of well-qualified salespeople. Listing perks can also turn the head of salespeople that may not be currently looking for a new job. Creating a post describing a more established career could be beneficial.

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