5 Common Canning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

5 Common Canning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

From tomatoes to peppers to mushrooms, canning food is a time-honored tradition that provides delicious and healthy meals. It also provides your family with food during challenging times and ensures you have food to serve you for an extended period. In this article, common canning mistakes (using a boiling water bath when your need to use a pressure canner, using inferior ingredients, overfilling jars, canning lids, and not letting the jars cool undisturbed) will be explained and how you can avoid them.

Using a Boiling Water Bath Instead of Using a Pressure Canner

Using a boiling water bath when you need a pressure canner is probably the most common canning mistake that new canners make. A boiling water bath is only useful for high acid foods, such as fruits, jellies, and pickles. These are foods that have a pH below 4.6. The higher the pH of your food, the more critical it is to use a pressure canner instead of a boiling water bath.

Using Inferior Ingredients

The quality of your food determines how long you’ll have to eat it. If your ingredients are of low quality, you can probably expect to eat the food for only about a year before it starts to go bad. You should use the best ingredients with long life. It’s important to know that the quality of your ingredients will affect the quality of your canned materials and the food you cook with them.

Over Filling The Jars

Many canning newbies do not know how much to fill their jars. They end up overfilling them, leading to problems. A jar should be three-fourths full for light-colored foods. Then it should be one-half full for dark-colored foods.

It would be best to fill the jar no more than one inch from the top. Overfilling your jars can result in spilling and leaving behind air bubbles which will cause the food to spoil prematurely. Go to the website in order to acquire additional information regarding healthy food and nutritional drinks.

Reusing Canning Lids

It would help if you used canning lids once. This is because a built-in rubber gasket is only used once. Reusing rubber gaskets compromises your food, making them prone to going bad. The food probably will not last long. You may also accidentally contaminate your food if the lid is not clean.

Not Letting the Jars Cool Undisturbed

When your jars finish processing, you may be tempted to open them right away. This can result in jars that do not seal properly. When the jars cool down in the water bath, their lids will have formed a vacuum.

If you disturb the canner too soon and remove the jars, this vacuum will disappear, and it may not be able to form again. Therefore, let your jars cool down undisturbed. At least overnight is best.

Do not let these canning mistakes intimidate you. By avoiding these five common errors, you will be able to enjoy the delicious benefits of home canning for years to come. Stop stalling and give canning a try today. You will be surprised at how much money and time you can save. Learn more about organic food and nutritional drinks on this dedicated website:

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