5 Innovative Ways to Help Your Podcast Reach a Larger Audience

Podcast Reach a Larger Audience

Podcasts are becoming a popular medium for disseminating information and news, but there are only a few ways that you can make your podcast stand out from the rest. Fortunately, there is a wide range of ways to grow your audience on iTunes and beyond. Here, we provide five innovative ways that you can help your podcast reach a larger audience.

1. Share Your Podcast on Twitter

Put your podcaster ID and the title of your podcast in the tweet using podcast or podcasting. You can also use a podcaster or show to help people find your show. This allows you to get a high-quality link for your podcast to share with others. Post a link to it on Facebook and any other social media site you use to promote your content, for example, Pinterest.

2. Have It Transcribed

If you are doing an interview podcast, have the person being interviewed type the audio, or you can have a transcript of it transcribed. This makes it a lot easier to share and ensures your content is secure. If someone doesn’t want to share your podcast because they don’t want others to know what you are saying, having a transcript helps them get around this. If you can live to stream your content, then having the transcription allows people that wouldn’t be able to listen in for whatever reason to get access still if they would like.

3. Do a Live Stream for Your Podcast

If you are doing your podcast live, then having a live stream of your content allows viewers to access your content from anywhere. Livestream is one option for doing this, but you can also use Ustream or even YouTube. You can perform the actual podcasting on any medium and then have it streamed somewhere else where people can access it.

4. Create an Infographic

Using the content from your podcast, you can create an infographic that people can share on social media sites. If you do this, be sure to make it very shareable by keeping it at a size that people can easily repost on Twitter and Facebook. You can use free infographic creation sites such as or Piktochart.

5. Question of the Week

A regular segment on your podcast will help you grow your audience. A question of the week has a wide range of benefits for your business and your audience. People will want to hear the answer to the question before you give it, making it a perfect lead into advertising or other content based on it. Plus, people can get involved with this too. The question and answer portion can encourage interactivity and engagement with viewers that may not listen to every episode of your podcast.

It is important to realize that to grow your podcast, you have to be willing to take on the same kind of effort you would take if you were trying to grow other business types like a company or a blog. You need to create a plan for your podcast and follow through with it. You might want to consider other people who are already doing what you are trying to do and see how they promote their content.

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