Survival Guide 101: 9 Essential Tips to Protect Your Business


Security and safety are vital elements of any successful business, and it always pays to invest in systems that keep you safe from any hazards. It’s vital you take steps to protect your business from any threats. Cybersecurity is a must, now that so many Mississauga SEO businesses use and other online tools to give themselves an edge. Give yourself a helping hand protecting your business by using these helpful tips to make the workplace that much safer.

  1. Secure your store

    When it comes to making the workplace safer, start with the basics. Check your locks to make sure they keep the premises secure, especially if you’re leasing a new office space. Former occupants may still have keys for the old locks, so get the locks changed immediately to secure your new premises.

    While you’re at it, it’s also a good idea to check on the lights, both inside and out. Bright lights help eliminate dark spots where intruders may hide, which can go a long way toward preventing break-ins. Set up your lights strategically to eliminate blind spots and consider investing in motion-sensitive lights as an automatic security measure.

Also, invest in people. A security guard or private investigator trained at Centre for Security Training & Management Inc., Canadian School of Private Investigation and Security Ltd., or other security training centres can deter and deal with emergencies, as well as any suspicious activities and/or people.

  1. Install a security system

Security systems are an excellent way to protect your business, even when you aren’t there. Many systems include CCTV monitoring, allowing you to keep tabs on the premises from afar. Alternatively, other systems give you a direct line to the authorities or private investigation services who can assist with the aftermath of any security issues.

A well-secured system also allows you to access control, keeping customers and unauthorized staff from accessing areas you don’t want them to. Physical keys may be duplicated, but it’s harder to circumvent more sophisticated methods like biometrics or keycards. Shop around for an effective security system that provides the level of protection that best suits your business.

  1. Strengthen your passwords

The right password makes plenty of difference when it comes to protecting sensitive data. As a rule of thumb, a strong password typically contains at least 8 characters, upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols to discourage attempts to break them. While you’re at it, remember to update passwords frequently; even if your passwords become compromised, changing them provides another layer of protection.

For additional security, consider looking into methods that can augment your password security, like two-factor authentication and password management systems. Two-factor authentication provides additional verification to protect against unauthorized access. Meanwhile, password management systems allow you to keep track of various passwords, in case you require multiple ones. It’s also an effective measure against developing simple, easily-cracked passwords.

  1. Post visible safety guidelines

    Constant reminders are often an effective method of maintaining a safe work environment. Make sure your employees are constantly aware of your safety regulations to keep them on their toes. Post guidelines in visible locations so your staff can be reminded of them as they work. Signs reminding employees to wear safety equipment or backup important data are a great help in making work safer and more efficient.

    Another way to keep employees’ skills sharp is with regular training. Make a habit of retraining your workers every year to ensure they stay up-to-date with the latest safety standards. Yearly training also works as a refresher to keep employees aware of basic safety so they can apply it in their daily routines.

  2. Invest in a dust collector

    The right tools can go a long way toward making the workplace much safer. Consider investing in a dust collector to eliminate dust and other contaminants. Excess dust in the air can affect the health of your employees and the efficiency of your machinery. Think of your investment as a way to improve the quality of work and improve morale around the office. Look into nearby dust collector suppliers to take steps improving air quality at work.

Safety and security are always priorities for businesses. It’s not just about having a secure place to work, it’s also a way to look after your staff and keep your business operating smoothly. Keep these useful tips in mind to beef up your security and give yourself some extra peace of mind.

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