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Hot to Get a Good Tan?

Hot to Get a Good Tan

In the U.S., people love a good tan. When the weather starts warming up, people start heading to the pool or laying out in the backyard to get ready for beach season. Of course, there are folks out there who want to stay tanned all year, no matter where they live. If you’re in Michigan or Oregon in the winter, getting a real tan can be a challenge. You’ve likely had to rely on lotions, spray tans, or salons that leave you looking a bit orange.

Nothing beats a real tan, and getting a real tan gives you a healthy glow that makes you look energized. So how can you get a real tan that lasts longer and will keep you ready for the beach season all year? Here are some tips on how to get a real tan fast and keep it for longer.

Tanning Outdoors

For millions of people, spending more time outdoors is the key to getting a nice real tan. Being outdoors is fun, but it’s also very healthy for you. While outside, people are generally more active and you get great amounts of natural Vitamin D, which is good for the immune system and overall health.

And who says you have to be next to a pool or at the beach to lay down on a towel to soak up some sun? There are no rules here, and if you visit large cities, you’ll see people out in the parks on the weekends and during the day working on their tans.

Getting a real tan just means you have to find the time when the sun’s UV rays are strongest and make sure you put in the time. Laying out in the morning, even though it’s bright outside, isn’t going to get you the same tanning results as if you’re out in the middle of the afternoon when the sun is the strongest. Your peak tanning hours will vary based on where you live, so do a bit of research before you start spending time tanning to make sure you’re getting the most out of your outdoor time.

Using Tanning Oils Will Help

Tanning oils are sort of like putting magnifying glasses on your skin. It hastens the tanning process and will help you look darker after spending time in the sun. Modern tanning oils are way better than in past generations. These days, most of them have several healthy active ingredients that are great for your tan and keep your skin moisturized at the same time. It will help you better avoid sun damage from being outside for too long.

Common tanning oil ingredients include cacao butter, shea butter, caffeine extracts, and aloe vera. Make sure to read what you’re buying when you go out shopping for a tanning lotion or oil because some of them include bronzers to make you look darker. That’s fine if that’s the look that you are going for, but it’s just something to be aware of when you’re looking at different products.

Melanotan 2 and Tanning

One exciting new prospect around skin tone is the peptide Melanotan 2, or MT-2. This peptide does several things like curb hunger and promotes lean body mass. Research has also shown promising results around skin tone and pigmentation.

Originally developed at the University of Arizona in the 1980s, MT-2 produced darker skin in tests done on rodents. The rodents who received MT-2 were more tan than those that did not. This peptide is currently being researched as a possible sunless tanning option. MT2 has not yet been approved by the FDA. Further research is needed for future medical possibilities.

Avoid Sunburn to Get a Nice Real Tan

The sun is your friend when you’re trying to get a real tan, but sunburn is your enemy. Make sure that when you go outside to tan, you’re using sunscreen to prevent sun damage. If you push things too far and burn, your skin will peel and there goes all of your hard work and time spent tanning.

When you are outside, alternate using tanning oil and sunscreen for the best results. Condition your skin to the sun by starting slowly and you’ll build resilience against UV rays and then you can start spending more time outside during your tanning sessions.

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