Why To Use Smart Packaging for Product Authentication

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The next time you buy a bag of your favorite snack mix, you may be part of a new wave of innovative technology. Increasingly, flexible packaging products for many items, from toys to food to lawn and garden supplies, integrate features that allow the market’s logistical chain to remain intact and informed. In short, anything housed in smart packaging is easy to find and assess. Retailers and consumers can easily determine if products are genuine, and this matters to your brand.

What is Smart Packaging?

With the companies like Unival Logistics, sending you valuable items has never been safer and easier. Smart packaging goes far beyond plain protective packages that serve to hold, protect, and preserve the items inside. It uses advanced technology in ways that may sound like something out of a comic book or a science fiction film. Smart packaging can track and trace items throughout the entire life cycle. Some smart packaging can even control the environment inside and outside the container and tell retailers, consumers, and manufacturers the current condition of the contents.

There are two types of smart packaging. One is active packaging, which improves products on its own. An example of this is a type of container that decreases moisture levels able to reach the contents. The other type is intelligent packaging, which can actually sense the package or product inside has altered. A common type of container that is classed as intelligent packaging is connected packaging. This sub-category allows consumers to interact with the products, with manufacturers, and with distributors on an entirely new level.

Improve The Consumer Experience With Your Product

Connected packaging gives consumers an active experience with products in multiple ways, and it serves as an important part of a modern digitalized marketing campaign. These types of containers have features such as QR codes and NFC tags that cater to and help consumers in multiple ways, including:

Valuable, easy-to-find information about the product

Fast confirmation the package is unaltered and unopened

Simple reordering

Quick product authentication

All these functions are important, but the role of authentication is perhaps the most significant.

Benefits of Easy Product Authentication

When consumers and retailers alike are able to determine your brand’s products are genuine, good things happen for your brand. There are multiple benefits of making it easy for the public to verify your brand’s genuineness, including.

Helping industry regulators remove counterfeit items from the market, which helps sales

Boost your brand’s reputation in your particular niche

Build brand loyalty by offering valuable information and bonuses

Easy authentication serves as a vital marketing tool in today’s digitally driven landscape. Modern consumers, however, are not merely interested in convenience. Many also care about the planet.

Sustainable Smart Packaging

Some companies not only provide smart containers but they also have developed environmentally friendly packaging. Examples of this movement include:

Operations with built-in processes for recycling and reducing waste

Digital methods that reduce the carbon footprint

Various types of eco-friendly packaging styles

Smart packaging and processes contribute to a circular economy that functions more thoughtfully.

Get Smart Today

Smart packaging is the new trend sweeping through marketing and logistics chains to the screens of consumers’ mobile phones. The idea is to provide value through not only quality containers but also features such as extra information and easy verification of authenticity. Today’s public appreciates convenience as well as a layer of transparency, and smart packaging delivers both.

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