Paying Tribute to Deceased Loved Ones Through Memorial Tributes


A memorial tribute is a physical reminder of the life lived by a lost loved one. Making these physical tributes is a healing practice that lets you relive the happy memories of your lost loved ones.

The enduring love that a family has for one of their own has colored much of how we cherish the memory of our dead. History and fiction are replete with those who cherished their loved ones so that they built tributes to them. To this day, people who have made a big impact on the lives of many often have shrines built to honor their memories.

Of course, there are more ways to memorialize a loved one besides building a monument rivaling the Taj Mahal. Often, this is what many of our humbler loved ones would’ve preferred. Humble military headstones, for instance, can commemorate the life and sacrifice lived by loved ones who were veterans. People across Bountiful and throughout Utah tend to favor smaller flourishes over grandiose displays, choosing headstones with the appropriate amount of dignity.

The heroes in our lives, whether in the service of our country or just as a pillar of our community and our homes, can be commemorated in a multitude of ways. Even simple things can help commemorate the life of a lost loved one in a way that both captured the life they’ve lived and the values they cherished. Often, these wishes are laid out long before they passed on, and it is only a matter of fulfilling what they have asked for.


Besides laying headstones at the place where their loved ones are buried, bereaved loved ones can also set up small memorial tributes to their lost loved ones in the grounds of their own homes. These are often nothing too fancy, humble expressions meant to be a private tribute to someone very special. Among these include cairns, a rock pile reminiscent of similar larger memorials in the hinterlands of what is now the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Another outdoor feature that can be added to memorialize a loved one is a garden. A memorial garden works well as a tribute to loved ones who enjoyed the great outdoors; these can be planted with many of the flowers and plants enjoyed by the deceased person in life. Maintaining and cultivating this garden can help you cherish their memory; adding annual plants yearly can help keep the garden ever-changing and give you plenty of time to reminisce. If you don’t have time to take care of a garden full time, on the other hand, planting a single tree in your loved one’s name may be more than enough.

Personal Mementos

Some memorials can be made to celebrate the life of a loved one in a more personal way. Sometimes, these can take the form of a collection of personal mementos preserved hermetically in a time capsule or personal shrine at home, holding objects and personal possessions from the person’s past that have been lovingly preserved. These tiny tokens are often ever-present reminders of the lives lived by people we lost and are appropriately cherished.

Craft projects made from items once owned by decedents are an excellent way to memorialize someone and keep them close to your heart. Items such as quilts, for instance, can be made from their old clothes that can no longer be worn.

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