5 Best Items You Don’t Use Anymore to Sell to a Pawn Shop

You Don’t Use Anymore to Sell to a Pawn Shop

Our garages, sheds, and basements don’t lie: we all have unnecessary junk. Even worse, most of our unnecessary stuff clogs up spaces that could be used to store different, more useful things. Most of the things we store in boxes serve little purpose other than giving us the “what if one day we need it” mindset. It seems like a vicious cycle.

Your space doesn’t need to look this way. Before you open yet another storage unit, consider taking some of your larger, more high-value items to a place they can do more than just collect dust. Selling some of your excess items can provide you both with extra spending money for the month and the feeling of real accomplishment.

This summer, roll up your sleeves, snap on your gloves, and take a look around the house for these top five items to sell to your local Suffolk County pawn shop.

  1. Antiques

How often do you use that thing really? Sure it serves a purpose, and perhaps it makes a great talking point during the holidays, but antique items are some of the highest selling items at any pawn shop.

  1. Technology

Laptops and tablets and consoles oh my! Everybody has some piece of technology they simply don’t have a use for anymore. You know you’ll never use that old thing again. Why not sell it to your local pawn shop?

  1. Tools or Sporting Goods

You might be surprised how valuable your old golf clubs, power tools, or lawn mower is worth to the right person. Why not pack them up?

  1. Collectibles

Collectibles can be anything, from old basketball memorabilia to signed baseball card sets. Remember that counterfeit or fake items are easily spotted and won’t be accepted by most pawn shops, so be sure you’re bringing in the right things.

  1. Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the most sought-after and valuable shop items ever. If you start curating a bag of old, unworn jewelry to pawn, you might have a chance to freshen up your look and snag the money to do it with.

Ready to Start?

When you’re ready to look for a Suffolk County pawn shop, make sure that it’s a location with your best interests in mind. GEM Pawnbrokers have everything you need to clear out the clutter and start making progress towards your goals. With 24 branches and 70 years in the pawning business, GEM is proud to be the largest pawnbroker chain in New York City. From watches to jewelry to everything in between, visit us today for your next transaction and find service you can rely on.

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