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Oral Hygiene Tips to Follow While Using Invisalign Braces

Oral Hygiene Tips

Several patients prefer Invisalign over traditional orthodontics because they are convenient, removable, and, most importantly, unnoticeable. There are also no additional challenges you face during brush and floss time. Yet you can’t overlook your oral hygiene. You have to be a lot careful to maintain both Invisalign and your dental health. While these aligners are strong enough to manage your everyday situations, special care during and after brushing ought to be your next step. What oral hygiene tips to follow while using Invisalign?

Let’s have a look for a healthy smile.

Oral Hygiene Tips

1.Remove Aligners While Eating or Drinking

Proper orthodontic care is necessary when you wear these aligners. Make sure to take out your trays whenever you eat. You even have to remove aligners when drinking any beverage as they stain the tray. If you don’t remove it, plaque or bacteria can grow between your aligner and teeth. Thus, leading to tooth decay.

2.Brush Regularly

Do not forget to brush your teeth after every meal or food you eat. The food particles and other elements present in the mouth need to be eliminated after Invisalign treatment. Besides, use mouthwash to rinse your mouth whenever you remove aligners.

Also, do not forget to carry floss and toothbrush with you at work to brush effectively all day long. It, as a result, keeps your Invisalign trays clean and free of any food particles.

3.Don’t Clean Aligners with Toothpaste

Your daily toothpaste doesn’t work in the same way for the Invisalign braces. There can be discoloration and damage of the aligners due to the abrasive ingredients present in the toothpaste, especially whitening toothpaste. They will even become noticeable in the mouth, thus, ending the real job of your braces.

Also, avoid scented soaps to wash the trays aligners as this can lead to a foul taste in your mouth. So what can you use to clean these braces?

Use vinegar as it has a bacteria-killing property. Soak your aligners in one part vinegar and water mix for 20 minutes. Before resetting them on your teeth, rinse them off well.

4.Use Lukewarm Water

Additionally, ensure to utilize lukewarm water while cleaning the trays. Hot and cold water can both spoil the shape of your aligners. Hence, you will not be able to fit them on your teeth again. Another tip is to use only a soft bristle brush other than your usual toothbrush to clean the aligners.

5.Soak in Denture Cleaner

You can also soak the trays in a denture cleaner once in a day for extra care. Make sure to clean the residual plaque or food particles using a toothbrush after soaking is done.

6.Buy A Case

Storing the trays in a case when not in use is one of the most vital oral hygiene tips to follow while using Invisalign. They can attract germs and bacteria if left in the open, which will damage your teeth. So, investing in a good Invisalign storage case is something you should not ignore.

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