Different Types of Chevrolet Transfer Cases

Different Types of Chevrolet Transfer Cases

A transfer case is a piece of the drivetrain of four-wheel-drive, all-wheel-drive, and other different controlled axle vehicles. The transfer case moves power from the transmission to the front and back axles using the drive shafts. It additionally synchronizes the contrast between the turn of the front and back tires and may contain at least one arrangement of low reach gears for rough terrain use. If you drive a Chevrolet, there are plenty of Chevrolet Transfer Cases you can choose from in case yours get damaged.

NP136 Transfer Case

The NP136 transfer case underwent production with electrical move encoder engines, this unit has two diverse drive ranges 2 high and 4WD, (run at diminished velocities). With the front yield drop on the driver side. This unit has two or three issues, it uses a thick coupler grasp framework that can fizzle. One approach to perceive this issue is clicking sounds when turning on dry asphalt or solid surfaces. Heat development causes thick coupler error.

NP236 Transfer Case

The NP236 is chain driven. The NP236 is an Auto 4WD and electric move. produced with left side drop yield and has a low gear proportion of 2.72 to 1. The NP236 Chevrolet transfer cases can have issues with damages brought about by the oil siphon lodging wearing an opening inside the case. Another issue related to the NP236 transfer case is input as well as yield-bearing wobble thus, destroying the case. Run 4WD just on free soil, day off, sand, or grass. We find this type of transfer case in Chevrolet S10 Blazer and S10 Pickups. Chevrolet began utilizing this exchanging case in 1999 models.

NP241 Transfer Case

The NP241 is a strong, dependable transfer case and better than the NP203. However, as they age, the drive chain can extend. Additionally, the manufactured cushions on the move forks wear, causing discontinuous issues when the forks don’t remain in their expected position. Offered with both traveler and driver side front yields. Info spline checks from 23 to 32. Adaptations were worked for mechanical speedometer links and for electronic vehicle speed sensors. We find this type of transfer case in Chevrolet Blazer (1989-1999), Suburban, and Tahoe.

NP263 Transfer Case

The NP263 is a chain-driven electric move and low maintenance transfer case. The yield is on the driver-side with a focus back yield. There are three distinct adaptations of this unit the light obligation “LD”, uncompromising “HD” and the additional hardcore unit “XHD”. We find the 263XHD unit in most diesel forms, the HD variant has a 6-pinion planet and uses a 1.5″ wide chain. The NP263 has two or three plan issues, the oil siphon can wear an opening in the back half of the case. We suggest utilizing the overhauled back case. We find drawbacks brought about by heat development causing an error of the move forks making the plastic cushions dissolve and harm the reach move center and, in some cases, cause shaft harm.


Each transfer case is exceptional and explicit to the vehicle. You can locate the ID tag on your Chevrolet transfer cases and record the model and assembly numbers. These numbers are basic in deciding the specific transfer case for your vehicle.

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