Marketing Strategies to Consider in 2021

Marketing Strategies

2021 is here, and now is the time to make exciting changes in your business. Even if things have been working for you as of late, there’s always room for improvements.

Many strategies can enhance your business, no matter what niche you’re in.

Tapping into new ways of doing things can increase your business tenfold. And it’ll motivate you to improve things in other ways, such as creating a blog on your site.

Here are five marketing strategies to give a shot. You won’t be sorry!

1. Make Your Marketing Messages More Personalized

Are you digging deep into the minds of your customers? To cater to their needs, first, you need to know what they’re thinking.

If you run an ecommerce business, a few ideas are sending them an abandoned cart email. Or, as a marketing business, providing a free PDF could work well. The PDF could be of an infographic that answers a question they’ve been researching.

There are many things you can try to get to know your customers. A few are conversing with them on social media or asking them to fill out surveys. Don’t make it too complicated, though. The easier, the better, so you won’t lose their attention.

2. Create Video Tutorials

Creating video tutorials for your audience will make all the difference. If you’re selling a curling iron, for example, customers want to see how it works! So, coming up with a series of tutorials will help you market your products. And it’ll show users that the curling iron is something they should add to their beauty products.

If you’re already working on your content marketing, think about adding video tutorials. Make a video based on a current blog post, or weave it into the content. There are different methods you can try to improve your content strategy.

Video tutorials work for a variety of different businesses. People love soaking up knowledge, and if it’s free, even better. You’ll show current and potential customers that you care about their desires. And you’ll also convey that you are eager to answer their questions.

Solving their problems should prompt them to come back for more help. If all goes well, it’ll result in them making a purchase or investing in your services.

3. Master One Social Media Channel

A lot is going on in the social media world, and if you’re new to it, it may seem overwhelming. That’s why you should master one social media channel at a time.

Start with a popular channel, such as Facebook. Or, leverage LinkedIn.

It’s best to do some research to find out where your audience hangs out the most. If they’re frequent Facebook users (like most of us), set up a business page. Update it regularly and consider setting up some engagement ads. You’ll become familiar with how to do things and can stay consistent updating your page.

Being in charge of one social channel, for starters, will help you get the hang of things. After a while, you may be ready to tackle another site, such as Instagram!

4. Set Up an Affiliate Program

If you haven’t considered setting up an affiliate program, consider giving it a go. It’ll take determination to reach out to different affiliates and get traffic to your site. Even so, it can pay off in the long run.

Affiliate marketing is appropriate to use in blog posts. Say your niche is in finance. Then look for affiliates where you can promote finance companies. A few examples are banks, e-commerce stores, investments, and personal finance.

Ultimately you need enough traffic to generate money from affiliate marketing. Dedicate yourself to gaining a steady readership, and in time, you should begin to make money.

5. Start a Podcast

Podcasting was all the rage in 2020, and it will continue throughout 2021. If you’re camera-shy, a podcast is a perfect way to share your thoughts without showing your face. Although, YouTube videos are still beneficial.

Running your own podcast can help you gain a dedicated audience that hangs on your every word. After regularly hosting a podcast, reach out to other podcasters to guest star.

Promoting one another can help both of your audiences learn about something new. In turn, you can share your passions with others and learn more about your business in the process.


This year is bound to be full of surprises, and a thriving business should be one of them. You have it within you to grow your business and help it thrive throughout 2021.

Besides what we discussed, there are other strategies to keep in mind. A few are creating a lead magnet and branding out into email marketing. Don’t spread yourself too thin, though. Start by tackling a few things, and depending on how those go, move on to others.

In time, you’ll improve your business and pave the way to exciting new opportunities and much success!

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