Top 5 Benefits of Nerf Bars

Nerf Bars

Truck accessories come in two flavors: some look good and some serve useful functions. The best truck accessories do both; installing aftermarket truck brakes with red powder-coated calipers, for example, can boost the looks of your truck’s wheels while increasing its stopping power. Truck nerf bars are one of the more visible examples of dual-benefit accessories. These side-step add-on parts, located under doors and usually between the tires, will take your truck’s appearance to the next level while adding practicality. Drivers who bolt nerf bars to their trucks can experience a number of combined benefits.

1. Stepping Practicality

Nerf bars are essentially specialized variants of running boards for trucks, with their stepping surfaces located primarily under the doors; as such they are inherently practical. A running board’s most important function is to provide a solid platform for drivers and their passengers to step on while climbing into the vehicle. Though this assistance is especially critical on trucks with raised suspensions, nerf bars and other running boards are great additions to any truck that has a higher door height than that on of a car.

2. Body Protection

When traveling down gravel roads or muddy trails, your truck’s deep treads notoriously grab and fling debris in all directions. Because nerf bars protrude out from the base of your truck, they can deflect flying rocks, sticks, gritty mud or any other sharp objects that bounce up. They not only help prevent side-panel scratches but also lessen the amount of dirt you will have to hose off at the end of the day.

3. Ding Barrier

Body cladding strips are great for preventing parking lot dings, but they are not perfect for the task. They might not prevent damage when you drive too close to boulders or tree stumps. Nerf bars, extending outward, act as solid, hands-off barriers to guard against these kinds of immovable objects. If you get too close to hard pieces of mother nature, your nerf bar running boards will take the brunt of the damage.

4. Great Looks

Some accessories are designed to make your truck look rugged: Fat grill protectors and heavy-duty steel wheels, for example, can give your truck a do-anything appearance. Nerf bars belong on that same upgrade list based on their thick, contemporary tube design and chrome or powder-coat finishes. However, they look more than just tough. Their tubular design allows them to hug the body; this form-factor combines with their modern look so that they can be described as sleek and beefy all at once.

5. Universal Yet Custom Fit

Nerf bars are manufactured to fit a range of truck models. Additionally, they come in various configurations; for example, you can purchase bars sized to fit between the wheels, under the truck bed, or along the entire side of your truck. This flexibility means you can easily find nerf bars that suit your particular needs.

All types of running boards are designed to increase your truck’s utility. Adding nerf bars to your consideration list can enhance your perspective if you want to focus on practicality, ruggedness and good looks all in one package.

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