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How to Fall in Love with Your Body Again

Fall in Love with Your Body Again

By looking at most fashion runways and magazine photos of today, you can’t but assume that skinny is still in and that all those models are the standard of beauty and health. However, the reality proves quite the opposite as most women around the world are an average size of 12 to 14 and such super slim physique is unattainable. To them, it’s a sign of unhealthy habits and undesirable behaviour.

A great part of being healthy is loving your body and enjoying its shape and curves and if you’re still struggling with the ways of doing that, here are some suggestions how you can have a healthier body image.

Ditch the society’s idea of a perfect body

It’s common but quite unfortunate that a big part of your body image is the reflection of our current culture. Many of us are unable to look in the mirror and see us as beautiful, unique and real as we are, but we constantly see the faulty image served by the media.

Moreover, the multi-million dollar beauty industry is fuelled by our broken and flawed body image as it gives the reason to come up with solutions to fix us. This means that if we all started feeling beautiful, the industry would go bankrupt. To start feeling better about ourselves and our bodies, we need to create a more realistic image of normalcy.

What everyone can do individually is add body-positive role models to their social media diet and start looking at beauty as something that’s not bound by size or weight. Also, pay closer attention to how beauty messages affect you and be ruthless about ditching any unsupportive or negative representation from your news feed.

Eat and dress according to your body type

Every individual body is different so it’s important you dress and eat according to your body type, but what is universally beneficial is adopting a diet that is rich in fruits, veggies, fibre and protein. If you’re trying to lose weight, you need to re-evaluate your intake and try to achieve a caloric deficit while doing age and body appropriate workout until you reach the ideal weight for your height.

As you’re working towards your body goals, be realistic regarding the clothes you wear. Not everything you see online on models would look great on you but what you can do is take a more critical approach to your existing wardrobe. Put on some motivating music and rummage through your closet – remove anything that doesn’t fit you and keep only those items that make you feel sexy and beautiful that you can also wear right now. In that way, you’ll avoid the stressful body-image crises you might encounter later on.

Exercise won’t change your body type

Whatever type of exercise you do, from yoga, Pilates, jogging or weight lifting will not change your body type. What you can achieve is to enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and physical activity.

Taking the harder but more natural approach to exercising, you can significantly improve your existing physique and feel much better about your body as you start feeling better and looking more toned and healthier. What you can get is the best body for your particular body type.

It’s recommendable you get professional medical and fitness advice when it comes to deciding on the best workout and supplements you can take to enhance your performance and results. For instance, a good choice of high-quality pre-workout supplements can give you the necessary energy kick before you hit the gym floor. They are specifically designed to give you more energy to endure the intensity of your exercises and push yourself to what you thought were your limits. In addition to this boost of energy, your pre-workout supplements need to give you an alternate source of energy to utilize during the workout so you don’t consume the muscle that you built that will give you the tone you wanted.

Don’t wait till you’re perfect

A lot of people, especially women, think that all the fun and joy of life will begin once they get their ideal body weight but that can’t be further from the truth. This attitude only adds more stress and pressure on both the mind and body and keeps you back from living your life to the fullest.

There’s no such thing as perfection, you can only strive for improvement and make sure you enjoy the process. No more waiting for the skinny body, start doing all the things you wanted now – wear the clothes you love, date the person you like, eat the food you want and take up that hobby you always wanted.

Being healthy and loving your body isn’t just about eating veggies and working out. It’s a wholesome approach to your well-being that includes a balanced diet, physical activity and healthy habits. And to start, you need to embrace your curves and not try to get rid of them. Your ideal body is not the destination but more of a journey of the commitment of making yourself happy and healthy.

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