How to Make a Statement with Your Look

Statement with Your Look

Fashion has largely evolved over the past few decades, leaving us with a wide variety of style choices and even more fashionistas wanting to stand out from the crowd. But even though most people believe they need something outlandish and eccentric in order to make a statement, taking a more relaxed approach to dressing yourself and staying true to your signature style is where fashion truly starts to shine. Whether you want to change your personal style completely or you simply want to try something new, here is how you can find your personal style and make a statement with every look your wear:

Know what suits you best

The key to always dressing well is understanding your figure and knowing which silhouettes suit it best. Whether you decide to examine the cut of your favorite clothes that fit you like a glove, look at some body shape guides or even take inspiration from celebrities with similar figures to yours, you’ll be able to pin point those ideal fits and cuts that beautifully complement your body. But apart from finding the perfectly-fitting silhouettes, you also need to pay attention to color, as the shade choice could truly make or break any outfit. So, look for colors that complement and enhance your skin tone, and then try out different hues to find ones that won’t wash you out.

Find your signature items

Have you ever noticed that some of the biggest style icons in the world always wear those distinct signature pieces that are unmistakably and undeniably them? For example, Anna Wintour always has a pair of sunglasses on, Audrey Hepburn loved her boat neck tops and dresses, Jane Birkin gave us one of the most iconic handbags of all time, while Marilyn Monroe could rarely be seen without a bold red lipstick. If you truly want to enhance your look, find that trademark personal style and make a daring statement with every outfit you wear, the easiest way to achieve that is to find your own signature item, whether it’s a silhouette, an accessory or even a color or a print.

Play around with accessories

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Although often overlooked, accessories are ideal for pulling any outfit together and truly making a statement with your looks. Whether you opt for a quirky handbag, brightly-colored shoes, printed scarves or even statement jewelry pieces, accessories can bring even the most monotone outfit to the next level and beautifully showcase your personal taste and style. Even smaller details, such as great women’s socks paired with basic sneakers and cuffed jeans or even sleek high heels, can help you present your personality to the world and make a bold statement with your style choices.

Invest in timeless pieces

Since finding your personal style is an incredibly important part of making a more striking and distinctive statement with your fashion choices, you should always try to wear the clothes you truly and actually adore. By doing this, you can single out the pieces that are most important to you, and the ones you know you’ll wear time and time again. One simple way of doing this is by getting a separate rail where you will put everything you wear throughout one month. This will help you realize which items are the building blocks of your wardrobe, and the ones you should stock up on and invest in, since they are undoubtedly going to be an important part of your style for years to come.

Create an inspiring mood board

One of the best kept secrets of fashion bloggers and editors worldwide, a simple way of finding out what your personal style actually is and how you can make a more prominent statement with it is to create a detailed mood board filled with outfits you absolutely love. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should start cutting out your favorite magazines immediately – simply creating a Pinterest board or using the bookmark tag on Instagram can be incredibly handy. That way, you can constantly add new looks you like, helping you find a common theme and inspiration for different, more creative styling.

While it’s important to find out which shapes, cuts and colors suit you best, the ultimate key to making a bold fashion statement is to have confidence in yourself and your outfits. So, wear what you love, and don’t be afraid to push boundaries by owning your personal taste and style.

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