How Real Estate Agents Can Earn You Thousands of Dollars

Real Estate Agents Can Earn You Thousands of Dollars

Hiring a real estate agent is a valuable investment. Real estate agents provide an important service and taking advantage of their expertise will reap many rewards. Plus, selling your own home is a complex undertaking. Properly staging your property is one hurdle, and marketing it is another. If you want to learn more about purchasing land or buying furnished apartments, kindly visit this dedicated website:

For instance, how is a typical home owner going to know which real estate postcard templates will lure in prospective buyers? Or how to photograph your home so it is visually appealing? Read on to learn the benefits of hiring a real estate agent.

Trust The Experts

If you break a key off in your backdoor, are you prepared to fix it yourself? Most likely you will need to call in a licensed locksmith. Same goes for your car. Outside of a simple oil change or changing your tire, most people take their car to an experienced mechanic. Why? Because educated and licensed experts know what they are doing.

A real estate agent has gone to school to learn the trade. To become licensed, most states require that a realtor must know about the following things.

  • How to evaluate the value of a home.
  • Selling skills.
  • The escrow process and tax laws.
  • Real estate contracts.

Instead of slapping a for sale sign in your front window, trust the experts.

Pricing Your Home For Maximum Value

Setting the price of your home is tricky. If you price too high, you might turn off buyers. Pricing it too low has obvious drawbacks too. You potentially leave money on the table, or end up losing money altogether. A real estate agent knows the market. They have sold homes in your community and knows what price points work.

Realtors are well-versed in strategic pricing. For example, the next time you visit the supermarket compare chocolate chip cookie prices. One box of chocolate chip cookies is priced at $6.99. Next to it is a similar box of cookies selling for $7.00. Unless you are brand loyal, you will pick up the cheaper box, though you only saved a single penny. With a home sale, the stakes are much higher and pricing mistakes are costly. Go to this website in order to acquire additional information about real estate.

Another mistake people make when selling their own home is having rose-colored glasses. They are emotionally attached, and can’t see the property in the detached manner of a realtor. Pricing your property is a business decision, not a personal one. Let the experts handle it.

When setting the price a real estate agent looks at many factors.

  • Location matters. Nearby schools, shopping centers, and even the nearest coffee shop can appeal to buyers.
  • Comparable sales. How much have homes in your neighborhood sold for in recent months? Were those homes snatched up quickly, or did they languish for months?
  • Property condition. Realtors have an eye for what needs to be worked on for attracting the best bids. They know if the HVAC needs an upgrade, or if ripping out old carpeting would increase the final asking price. A well-maintained property can fetch thousands of dollar more.

Strategic Upgrades

Speaking of upgrades, a real estate agent knows which ones will have the biggest impact. The biggest upgrades like adding square footage to a home will be the best. Remodeling a kitchen or bathroom also bumps up the price. These sound like expensive upgrades, but they more than make up for it when your house is sold.

Not all upgrades are expensive. There are many upgrades your realtor will suggest that are extremely cost effective.

  • New doorknobs. Minor details can make an enormous difference. New doorknobs give a home an instant facelift and are inexpensive too. This includes cabinet doors and the front and back doors.
  • Lighting makes a tremendous difference. When your real estate agent tours your home, they will suggest ways to make a home brighter. A simple way to accomplish this is by updating lighting fixtures. Bright homes sell for a better price than dark ones.
  • Landscaping. Before a potential buyer walks into your property, they notice your yard. Making sure your grass is mowed and the flower beds are weeded will increase property value. Your real estate agent will point out what you should add or subtract to increase curb appeal.
  • A fresh coat of paint does wonders to increase buyer interest. Plus, a realtor knows which colors will be best. You might love the lime green shade you painted your bedroom, but it might turn buyers off. Trust your real estate agent, they are experts.


A real estate agent’s job is much more involved than just showing a house on a Sunday afternoon and taking headshots for billboards. A realtor is a marketing powerhouse. They know all the ins and outs of how to reach buyers, and attempts to sell a house on your own will suffer without them. Realtors know how to optimize the property for sale and sell it fast. So what exactly does a real estate agent do to market a property?

  • Direct mail advertising. Your realtor hires experienced photographers to take pictures of your home looking its best. Then they select real estate postcard templates that trigger excellent responses from buyers. A person selling their home themselves wouldn’t even know which direct mail company to choose, much less be able to operate a direct mail campaign.
  • Meet with potential buyers. Realtors establish relationships with buyers, and good realtors often have an excellent client base they’ve spent years building. They talk up your property and know which buyers are most likely to make a bid on your house.
  • Coordinate your open house and set up showings. Setting up an open house is more involved than most sellers know. The realtor makes sure the property looks its best and creates the marketing materials to hand out to potential buyers. These include places of local interest, brochures with details of the home’s structure.
  • Manage your listing. They set up your listing online and notify other realtors about your home in case they have a potential buyer.

Selling a property isn’t easy. A real estate agent is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all so they can sell your home for the best price. Trust the experts and before you sell your house, consult a realtor. You can visit this website for more information about purchasing property, marketing and investment as well.

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