3 Alternatives to Selling Your House with a Real Estate Agent

Selling Your House with a Real Estate Agent

The housing market is on the rise. With that, more people are looking for ways to sell their houses without using a real estate agent. While it may seem like you have limited options when selling your home, there are actually some great alternatives out there. This article will explore 3 alternatives to using a real estate agent when selling your property.

1) Sell it yourself.

Selling your house yourself is the simplest way to get rid of a property. If you have enough time and can dedicate some effort to selling, this method may work best for you! Here are three tips on how to sell your own home yourself.

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Clean up real good: You won’t believe what power cleaning will do for your home. The cleaner it is, the more likely people will be interested in buying!

Get rid of clutter: It may seem like you need everything you own, but to make your house show-ready, get rid of as many personal items as possible. You can also paint walls or change carpeting if needed.

Keep an open mind: You may have a specific price in mind, but you should also consider the market value of your home. If it is priced higher than most homes for sale, buyers will be less inclined to buy from you, and sellers won’t even look at it.

2) Sell to a cash service.

If you don’t have much time to sell your home, it may be best to sell it to a service that works with cash. A company like this will buy your house as-is and close the deal within a few days or weeks, depending on how fast the purchaser closes! In some cases, these companies even buy homes that aren’t listed on the market, as they have their own exclusive network of people looking for homes. Here are three things you should consider before going to a sell-for-cash service.

You will need proof of ownership: This proof will speed up the process and ensure no confusion about who owns the home. If you don’t have a deed or a recent closing statement, the process will take longer.

You should have your house inspected: This isn’t always necessary, but if you have the time to have it done before selling it to a service that works with cash, there is no harm in doing so. If your home has issues that need to be fixed before buying, an inspection will reveal them, and they can be used as leverage for a smaller selling price.

You may need to leave: If you want to sell your house fast, then it’s best to leave from the start. These companies aren’t known to be professional negotiators, so letting someone new live in your house is a risk that might not pan out.

3) Rent it out.

For some people, the best way to sell your house is actually by renting it! This alternative allows you to live in a rental while waiting for your new home or apartment. Here are three benefits of this method.

You can make money: Even after paying all those movers and real estate agents fees, you will still be able to make some money off of your house.

You can live somewhere nicer: Why not take that extra cash and move into a rental for the time being? This way, you don’t have to deal with fixing up your property or finding potential buyers.

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It will sell faster than if sitting on the market: Houses sit on the market for an average of 60 days, but if you rent it out, you will likely sell it in 30.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to sell your house, there are many alternatives out there. From selling it yourself to listing with a real estate agent or even renting it out, these methods can help you relieve some of the stress and make extra cash. You can visit our website: or contact us to learn more.


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