5 Unique Ideas for Adding More Nature to Your City Apartment

Adding More Nature to Your City Apartment

When you live in a city disconnected from nature, it can be hard to get your fill of the natural world. Between towering skyscrapers and never-ending traffic, there’s very little green space to visit. Even city parks, as important as they are, just don’t quite compare to the real thing.

These 5 unique ideas will help you bring more of nature’s exquisite beauty into your city apartment.

1. Grow Your Own Herbs

You can grow herbs right in your apartment. All you need is a little bit of space and access to sunlight.

There are many benefits to growing your own herbs. It makes your home cooking that much more flavorful and they provide more nutritional value than dried, store-bought herbs. They also give your apartment a delightful pop of green and many of them smell fantastic.

Basil is the easiest herb to grow in an apartment, and you may actually save money growing it yourself. Basil at the grocery store can be quite expensive. It’s also an extremely versatile herb and can be used in many dishes from pasta sauce to pho.

2. Build a Rooftop Garden

While not everyone is lucky enough to have access to their building’s rooftop, those that do should absolutely install a rooftop garden. This green space is invaluable for those who can’t escape the city but need to retreat into nature.

To get started with your rooftop garden, you’ll need to make sure that your roof is watertight and can withstand the extra weight. It will also be beneficial if the roof is flat or at least has a sizable flat section.

When your garden is in full swing, it becomes your private oasis, although your friends will surely want to come over to check it out.

3. Invest in Wood Furniture

Although you might not be able to surround yourself with nature, you can certainly surround yourself with natural materials. Wood furniture is beautiful, durable, and features that charm you’re looking to add to your space.

Because of its strength and durability, wood furniture can even be sourced from second-hand shops. That’s an incredibly environmentally friendly way to bring some natural beauty into your city apartment.

4. Pick Up Some of Your Favorite Essential Oils

Oil diffusers have become a trendy item, and filling it with your favorite essential oils is a great way to bring natural scents into a stuffy apartment.

From acai to ylang-ylang, there’s a huge amount of essential oils to pick from. You’re sure to find one that you enjoy. Some may even have health benefits.

Using an oil diffuser can even be good for the air quality in your apartment. Many artificial air fresheners contain toxins that may be detrimental to your health, and they’re propelled by aerosols that could damage your lungs.

5. Tend to Your Potted Plants

While it may not be the most “unique” way of bringing nature into your apartment, it’s definitely the easiest and most effective.

Indoor plants have been shown to improve air quality in surprising ways. In addition to removing carbon dioxide, they also get to work eliminating toxins like formaldehyde.

Common indoor plants like pothos, succulents, and philodendrons are easy to care for and don’t require much of a commitment.

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