7 Gifts to Give to the Person Who Has Everything


When giving gifts, it’s easy to focus on items. But when you do, you may end up running out of ideas. What do you give to someone who seems to have everything? The answer is surprisingly easy: You give them an experience. Something that they can use or enjoy.

Still stuck? No worries – we have you covered! We’ve put together a list of 7 experiences to gift to those who have everything!

  1. Spa Day

When you work hard and play hard – you have to relax hard, too! Practicing self-care can be really hard for those who work to have everything. That’s why gifting them a spa day can be the perfect experience to help them relax and know that you care. Spa services are great for men or women because they offer a wide array of services to help your loved one feel great.

  1. Feel Good Fast

Similar to a spa day, IV lounges will really help your loved one feel amazing. These often only take an hour or so, and can really boost mental, physical, and even emotional health.

This is great for your busy BFF who refuses to take a day (or even just a few hours!) off.

  1. Permalearner Love

We all have that one friend who never stops learning. They love to know everything about, well, everything. And the more they know, the happier they are. If your brainy friend already has everything else, consider gifting them a master class. This site has classes about everything from everyone from that one teacher you remember from grade school to Gordon Ramsay.

  1. Subscription Boxes – With a Twist

There are so many subscription boxes out there that it can be a little overwhelming. So here are a couple that we recommend:

For your bookish friend who loves mysteries, there are subscription boxes perfect to give as gifts? Or maybe they’d prefer something tasty with a good read from a coffee subscription box?

And for your friend who loves the finer things, why not something like a subscription to a wine subscription box.

There really are no limits to subscription boxes, so you won’t have any trouble finding the perfect experience to send your family and friends.

  1. Custom Fragrance

Giving a custom fragrance is a wonderful gift idea for the person who has everything. This is incredibly budget-friendly and will also give your friend a fun experience (with the added benefit of having a fragrance all of their own)!

  1. Bonding Experience

This is harder to quantify, but incredibly for your relationship. Show that you’ve been listening, that you know them, that you care, and that you love them by doing or starting something with them that they’ve always talked about.

Has your husband always wanted to start up his own business? Help him draw up a business plan and look up proper ways to get funding. Does your best friend want to be a seamstress? Sign you both up for a sewing class. When you know your loved ones and help them build themselves up, it’s better than any gift you can buy off the shelf!

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