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A Guide for Storing Your Cigars at Home

Storing Your Cigars at Home

There is no better feeling in the world than lighting up a cigar and puffing on one of mankind’s greatest inventions. Cigars have been around since the 1600s, yet there has always been a common theme among those who would like to possess multiple cigars at a time without smoking them all at once. That common theme being, how can I store cigars at home?

Most people who smoke cigars either do not want to or simply cannot put an entire climate-controlled room in their house. The average cost to create a walk-in humidor for one’s home can cost around $7,000, not including all of the cigars, humidors, chairs, and other accessories you might want in the room.

When it comes to storing cigars at home there are two main ways of doing so, with or without a humidor. With a humidor, there are some steps to take. Without a humidor, the list branches into several different possibilities.

Storing Cigars With a Humidor

If you would like to take the traditional route of storing cigars, then a humidor might be the right fit for you. To set up a humidor, one must first acquire the humidor (obviously), a sponge, distilled water, and a humidifier. Some, if not most humidors nowadays come with a humidifier in them, but some do not, so be careful which one you choose to buy. After you have gathered all of your materials, soak a sponge in distilled water. Note that one must use distilled and not tap water, as tap water has minerals that can destroy the humidor and the cigars (and who would want that?). Once the sponge has absorbed some distilled water, squeeze the sponge out in the sink. Then, with the little water the sponge has left, gently run the sponge all over the inside of the entire humidor, making sure to get every tiny surface imaginable. Let the humidor sit for 24 hours, and you should be good to go storing those cigars.

It should be noted that humidors should be kept anywhere from 68-70 degrees Fahrenheit with a humidity saturation between 70-75%.

Storing Cigars Without a Humidor

Here comes the fun and inventive ways to store a couple of cigars here and there if you do not feel like buying a humidor. From, some of the creative ways one might store their cigars are as follows:

  • A small cooler
  • A tupperware container
  • A Ziploc bag

For all three options, you will need to keep a moist sponge in with the cigars in order to create the same humidity effect as a humidor would. Now, depending on how many cigars you want to keep and how long you plan on keeping them for depends on which option you should go with. If you want to keep them for longer and in a bigger quantity, use the cooler. Otherwise, if you wish to keep fewer cigars at home, then the second or third option.

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