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4 Budget-Friendly Packing Tips Everyone Should Know

4 Budget-Friendly Packing Tips Everyone Should Know

Moving can be an expensive process, but it doesn’t have to be. The key to saving money on your move is packing efficiently. There are plenty of items that can help make packing easier and less expensive no matter what size home you’re moving from or to. Here are 4 packing tips you should know if you are preparing for a move on a budget:

1- Pack Less by Decluttering Your House

Get rid of stuff you haven’t touched in a while. Upgrade any broken or unsafe appliances before packing them. You’ll be surprised how much junk you had hiding in the closets and basement. Next, prioritize what is left. Start with the most important things and work your way down. Anything that doesn’t fit into the car will go into the storage vehicles of your moving company. A little work on your part can go a long way in saving you some money down the road!

2- Start Packing Now

If you wait too long, it will be more difficult for you to figure out what to pack and unpack. Start early so that you first pack the larger items like furniture. Then, pack clothes and toiletries into plastic containers which keeps them organized.

3- Make Your Packing Bags with Available Materials

One way to reuse cardboard boxes is to recycle them into moving boxes. All you need are some packing bags and adhesive tape that can be found in most stores. To make your packing bag, you will create a rectangle shape by taping the top of the box together. Then seal off one side and open up one end of the box. Fold it over about an inch or so towards the center of the box. Tape it down with regular tape, but make sure there’s still enough space for the contents inside to fit. Make sure you tape down all sides of the box. This allows you to reuse your boxes over and over again if need be, but it’s only for short-term storage or moving purposes.

If there’s food involved in the transition (i.e. eggs or other perishables), make sure the boxes are sealed tightly and taped over to avoid spillage. When moving breakable items, you can also use old newspapers as a buffer between them and strong solid objects like bookshelves for stacking purposes during transit.

4- Pack Items That Break Easily with Clothing

Pack your breakable items with clothing. The clothes will provide padding to prevent items from breaking. If you know that you have a lot of heavy items, put them at the bottom of your luggage so you don’t worry about crushing fragile items. Vacuum sealers are also an economical option for packing your items. One vacuum sealed bag can hold an entire day’s worth of clothing and accessories, saving money on bags and other packing materials.

With these budget-friendly packing tips, you’ll be able to move out on your own without breaking the bank. If you’re still not sure how to start or need help to decide what items are worth saving and which ones can go, we offer professional storage services that will keep all of your belongings safe until they’re needed again.

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