How do you know it’s time to replace your alternator?


Vehicles have always been a serious fascination to many people around the world. These automobiles keep on improving and newer models are created quite often.

Just like any other item, these vehicles are subject to wear and tear hence would need to look for the worn-out parts. Changing these parts would ensure that the vehicle is as good as new.

One of the most commonly replaced parts of automobiles is the alternator. An alternator is a component of a car that is the size of a coconut, that generates electricity by converting mechanical energy into electrical energy. It also distributes the power throughout the vehicle and resuscitates the battery.

As mentioned above, the alternator converts mechanical energy to electrical energy, however, how does the whole process go about? The whole process commences at the engine, once there is belt movement in the engine mechanical energy is produced. The rotor, a component of the alternator spins at high velocity producing an electric current.

Once the electric current is produced a magnetic field is created which then produces volts. The stator captures the volts. The power passes through the regulator that dispenses electricity.

The alternator not only produces the electricity but also regenerates the battery. Those are vital processes in a vehicle hence one would need to have high quality alternators to ensure that the process runs smoothly.

How would you know it’s time to replace your alternator?

Changes in the performance of other vehicle components– as discussed earlier, the alternator provides the electricity that runs the vehicle hence if it becomes faulty there will be some noticeable changes in the other components. For example, the lamps may become muted or extremely scintillating.

Difficulty in starting the vehicle– when turning on the ignition key, they expect the engine to come alive. However, this is not usually the case with a faulty alternator. The vehicle may completely not start at all.

Terrible odor– one of the quickest signs is the smell of burning rubber. Some components of the alternator are under constant friction and tension; it is inevitable that it will eventually become worn out. Once this happens there would be a terrible odor.

Illumination on the dashboard– the majority of the time when this light is seen, people tend to assume that the car battery has an issue. However, there is a big chance that the alternator is the one with the issue.

There are also factors that you should have in mind as you purchase an alternator. This will ensure that you get the best model. The following are some key factors to be considered.

The dealer selling the part– there have been a lot of counterfeit vehicle parts that are being sold. It is therefore important for one to look for a creditable dealer to buy parts from.

The warranty– with an influx of spurious parts in the market, one would need to have an assurance that they are buying high-caliber goods and that they can be reimbursed in case of it being faulty.

Compatibility- the alternator should be completely compatible with your vehicle to ensure it works well. If you are not sure about the type of alternator to buy it would be best to consult with your car franchise.

With the above information, you should be able to get an alternator that will not only give you value for your money but also ensure your vehicle runs smoothly.

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