Cumby Group – What to Know About Upcoming Real Estate Prices

Upcoming Real Estate Prices

You may have seen many investment experts talking about the opportunity which will present itself in the coming months and years with regards to real estate. The reason for this of course is the ever-changing economic landscape which we are seeing as a result of the global pandemic. IT is true that we will see opportunities across real estate, but we do have to be careful in assuming that all prices will fall, as this is not going to be the case.

We have seen many construction companies like the Cumby Group who are looking at changing their operations with regards to the building of new houses, and the impact of real estate prices, or at least the threat of an uncertain market, has forced many more construction companies to switch focus too. As an investor though, what is there to look out for? Let’s take a look.

Problem Areas

For anyone who is looking to invest, the smartest thing that you can do is to look beyond your own backyard. To think that all prices will fall is just not true and in fact, as a result of a boom.bust style economy, there will be some housing options which actually rise in price, especially in big cities. And so the onus will be on you to stay on top of real estate prices across many different locations, in order to make sure that you are able to take the opportunity when it happens.

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Propping Up

The reason why you may have to wait a little longer for these house price falls, if they come at all, is that people who are going to be evicted from their home are being given extended notices because of the situation. This may very well result in those tenant’s situations changing in the meantime, and the impact of that will not be felt in the market.

City Leavers

Big cities usually do not see massive drops in house prices because there has always been the demand there to maintain solid value. What we are seeing in the last few months however is a large number of people who are looking to leave cities and towns. This trend has come about because of the growing realization that we can easily work from our homes. When you can do this, the thought of paying higher costs for city living doesn’t make any sense at all, especially when you can get more bang for your buck elsewhere.


The smart investment in the coming months and years will be in retail real estate. This is an area which is both overbuilt and underdemolilshed and these properties will provide a solid investment option. Turning properties into residential real estate form commercial buildings is a great way to kickstart an investment which will be highly profitable in the coming years.

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Do your research and always look to learn and understand what is happening to trends in the market.

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