Homemade dog food could save your pup’s life

Homemade dog food could save your pup’s life

We’re careful with the food we put into our bodies…..we know that we have more energy and get sick less frequently when we’re eating well. Why shouldn’t we be as choosy about how we feed our dogs? Homemade dog food, a wholesome combination of protein, grains and vegetables, is the best way to help your dog feel his best. Here are a few nutritional advantages of homemade dog food.

#1: Quality Ingredients

Good food starts with good ingredients. Commercial pet food uses lower grade ingredients than the meat, fish, grains, and vegetables you find in your supermarket. Making homemade dog food essentially means that your dogs eat the same foods you do. For example, a homemade salmon dog food recipe would include:

  • Cooked salmon
  • Quinoa
  • Broccoli

Pro tip: Adding a nutritional supplement powder specifically formulated for dogs, like the ones at Azestfor, will add extra nutrients

#2. No Filler

Commercial pet foods are made as cheaply as possible because they use filler ingredients to bulk up their food. Many fillers provide little nutritional value and tend to pass through your dog’s system and create more waste. They can even include chemicals that can shorten your dog’s life or create disease. Some chemicals can even cause cancer like the following:

  1. Mycotoxins – caused by mold
  2. Pentobarbital – anesthetic found in some dog foods
  3. BHA and BHT – These are known carcinogens and toxic for the reproductive system
  4. Propylene Glycol – it’s a moistening agent which is derived from antifreeze
  5. Food dyes
  6. Contaminants

The list goes on, as to how many potentially harmful or carcinogenic elements can be found in your dog’s store-bought food. If anything is meant to sit on a shelf for months, it will have preservatives and added salt to keep it fresh. In the same way that we avoid foods with extra preservatives when we’re buying food for ourselves, we should strive to do the same for our dogs.

#3. Keeping allergens out of your dog’s food

Look out for filler ingredients in dog foods like wheat, which can cause allergies in your dog. The best thing with homemade dog food is that you are able to choose a recipe that is perfectly balance while leaving out ingredients that have potential allergens.

Skin allergies that cause scratching or licking certain spots are some of the things that will tell you that your dog could be having some allergic reactions. Gastrointestinal issues, excessive gas and diarrhea are also signs of food allergies.

Most common food allergens in dogs include:

  • beef
  • dairy
  • wheat

A varied diet is best. Nobody enjoys eating the same food day after day. When you’re using commercial dog food, there’s no variety in your dog’s diet after you’ve bought that huge 30-pound bag of dog food. It’s not only a matter of taste, eating a variety of foods ensures that your dog receives all the nutrients he needs.

Homemade dog food recipes allow you to regularly vary the ingredients of your dog’s meals to offer a wider range of nutrients; one week use a chicken-based recipe, another week, make homemade salmon dog food.


Homemade dog food is the best way to ensure that your dog is receiving optimal nutrition to keep him fit and healthy. Many people don’t realize all the nutritional advantages of homemade dog food is that it uses fresh wholesome ingredients, avoids preservatives and potential allergens and gives your dog a varied diet to ensure that he gets all the nutrients he needs. Without all the harmful and dangerous chemicals and preservatives in your pet’s food, you can rest assure your pup is getting the best nutrition and can live a healthy, long life.

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