4 Most Relaxing Places to Visit in Portugal

4 Most Relaxing Places to Visit in Portugal

For the last few years, Portugal has become one of the best tourist destinations of choice for many people around the globe. The meals are delicious, the sunny Atlantic Ocean beaches, the best wineries, and many other fascinating sceneries. Therefore, if you are going to Portugal, the following are places you can go and relax while in Portugal.

Additionally, your visit to Portugal should be the best, and you also need to get off the work mood. The following are the most relaxing places you can visit when in Portugal.

Golfing in Balaia

You want to enjoy your holidays while in Portugal. The main thing is your love for golf and as you are in Portugal. You can enjoy playing golf in Balaia. It is one of the best places with the best golf courses.

No matter if you don’t know how to play, some sportspersons will guide you on how to play golf. Therefore, if you want to enjoy playing golf in Balaia, you can go to Balaia Golf Holiday. Be sure to play in the best golf courses in Europe.

Thus, if you want a relaxing place in Portugal you can visit Balaia and play golf.

Landscape Views in the Island of Madeira

Found on the same latitude with North Africa when you visit Madeira, you will notice that it has some beautiful and natural landscapes. Many of these landscapes are rare to find in a European country. One of the things you will see is the Ponta de Sao Lourenco. It is the home to red volcanic rocks.

Cabo Girao is another place you can visit while in Madeira. It is found on the coast of Madeira, and it has a skywalk that is on a five-hundred-and-eighty-meter cliff. You will have an amazing view of the ocean because the floor of the skywalk is made of glass.

Other things will relax you while in Madeira, like panoramic drives. With its irregular topography, the road system is excellent, and as you drive, you can see some of the best sceneries.

You can also visit other places and see new sceneries while in Madeira you can also see different things, but if you want full relaxation to visit Madeira.

Drink Wine in Douro Valley

Wine is one of the enjoyed drinks in Portugal. Currently, Portugal is known to be one of the best and high-quality wine producers. The place to drink the best wine is the Douro valley. UNESCO made it a world heritage center due to vast vineyards.

So, if you love drinking wine, you can go to Douro Valley and get to enjoy the best wines from this valley so, if you want to achieve your primary objective when you visit Portugal, to ensure that you go to Douro Valley to drink high-quality wines.

Furthermore, you can get a wine tour as the valley has many vineyards, and tourists are visiting this region more than ever.

Fishing City “Setubal”

For a long time, it is known as a fishing city, but with the changing times, tourism has taken over Setubal. Currently, many tourists visit Setubal for recreational purposes. There are many things that you can see while in Setubal. They include:

  • Monastery of Jesus
  • Arrabida Natural Park
  • Mercado do Livramento
  • Avenida Luisa Todi

These are some of the places you can go to and find the best times when you go to Setubal.


The main aim of your trip to Portugal is relaxation, and that is all you want. That in mind the mentioned places are where you will get to enjoy your holidays perfectly. Thank you for reading and a pleasant trip to Portugal.

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