Handy Discusses the Differences Between Apple and Google Maps

Differences Between Apple and Google Maps


When Apple maps first released in 2012, it was full of bugs and inaccurate data due to which the service faced a lot of criticism. On the other hand, Google maps have always been the market leader in this segment and still is. According to Handy, most people prefer to use Google maps instead of any other map service. However, if you own an iOS device or a MacOS, you also have access to Apple maps.

So, is Google maps still the best in 2019 or has the competition gained an upper hand? Let’s find out.

The Differences

Here are some differences between Apple and Google Maps –

  1. Interface – The interface of both Apple maps and Google maps are clean but Apple maps have a simpler interface. Google maps allow you to change your map and offer you the following options – Driving, explore, terrain, biking, traffic, and transit. It also allows you to browse the map in 3D. Apple maps do not offer so many options and only allows you to browse very few locations in 3D.

It is also easier to tweak your settings on Google maps because the options are available right on the home screen.

  1. Accuracy – Both Google maps and Apple maps are very accurate as both the companies have made huge investments to acquire correct data and thoroughly check it over the years. However, Google maps is a little more accurate than Apple maps.

Google maps have invested 500 million dollars in order to capture data using a high-resolution satellite imagery company called Skybox. They also have thousands of human operators who are tasked with checking the accuracy of the map data and correcting any inconsistencies.

Apple has acquired several mapping companies like HopStop and Locationary in order to get their data. They also have a program like Mechanical Turk where people can check the accuracy of the map and get paid in return.

  1. Local search and directions – Both Google maps and Apple maps provide data about distance, price, star rating and a picture. However, the information available on Google maps is a little more detailed. Google maps also list the opening and closing hours.

However, you can browse more options at the screen at once if you use Apple maps.

  1. Turn-by-turn navigation – The turn-by-turn navigation in both Google maps and Apple map is equally good but Apple maps have an advantage over Google maps because it allows you to view the map in 3D. This will help you to know exactly where you are on the street.
  2. Unique features – Google maps have a feature called ‘Street view’ which allows you to experience a street-level view. This revolutionized the map service when it was launched. On the other hand, Apple has a semi-AR feature called the ‘Flyover Tour’ which allows you to get a virtual tour of many popular locations in the world.


According to Handy, Google maps still provide more accurate and detailed data as compared to Apple maps, but Apple has improved a lot and almost caught up to Google. Ultimately, it all comes down to your preferences and which interface you like the most.

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