3 Products that are Manufactured with Laser Micromachining

3 Products that are Manufactured with Laser Micromachining

Laser micromachining has proven to be useful in different sectors since it can make precise cuts regardless of the thickness of the material in place, and no distortion will appear on the side.

When you compare the laser micromachining to the CNC punches that entail the use of physical force, there will be some mechanical deformation. If the metal being cut is very thick, there will be some significant distortion.

Since there is no physical force when dealing with laser cutting, the metal can be separated in such a manner that there won’t be an uneven or torn edge. You can then make cuts in the sheet metal closer to each other, and that means you can make more parts for each metal sheet that is being cut.

The CNC machine’s cutting edge will wear out at some point. For laser micromachining, there are no blades, and you will not have to worry about some of these issues.

Below are some of the products that can be manufactured using laser micromachining:

Sheet Metal Tags

The laser cutting equipment is used to create the sheet metal tags, and they can be used to differentiate similar parts. Using the extra tags, the baskets can be identified visually despite having similar appearances, and their uses are also distinct.

Engraved Sheet Metal

For the lower power settings, you can use laser micromachining to cut into sheets of metal, and you will ensure the surface is still smooth and has a regular appearance. Using laser micromachining, the manufacturer can learn a distinctive and fine mark for different items such as faceplates used to make pizza. They can be used in ovens that are custom-made.

Cut Sheet Metal Baskets

The wire mesh baskets are the most suitable solution for washing parts and different manufacturing processes that usually rely on liquid/airflow to complete everything successfully. Nevertheless, in some instances, it is advisable to use metal sheets that are sturdier and thicker. The metal sheets can also have holes cut into them.

The sheet metal baskets that are laser-cut have intricate shapes cut into them, and they also have specific needs. Nevertheless, there is the strength advantage that the metal baskets possess, especially when there are fewer holes that have been spaced farther instead of when the holes are spaced together.

The Importance of Using Laser-Cut Parts

The main reason laser cutting techniques are highly recommended is that mechanical stress is reduced as the metal sheet is being cit. The lasers will eliminate the stress that usually affects the metal sheet products as they are being cut. The heated zone will also be significantly small. It is also possible to make laser cuts close to each other, and the sheet metal will not be impacted negatively. The waste produced will also be minimized.

For the CNC punches, they should be used when bending the metal. Nonetheless, laser micromachining has proven to be efficient compared to other forms of technology used to manufacture different products with varying uses.

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