What languages should you learn to be a software developer?

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Decide your long term Career Goals

As technology advances the need for dedicated software developers is constantly increasing. What does it take to become a software developer? Many people resort to a computer science degree, others commit to a boot camp, while few decide to self teach.

First, you need to decide on your ultimate goals. You can decide to be a computer software developer (Microsoft, Windows, Apple etc), Android/IOS app developer, or web developer (Google, Amazon, Twitter etc). . Whichever route you take, there are specific programming languages you should learn in order to be successful for future Job searches and to be considered an asset for these companies. Nisman Solutions, a San Diego based software development agency for example uses C#, C++, and frameworks like DevExpress for developing software. You’ll need to choose your coding languages wisely to increase your chances of landing a job with a software development company.

Computer Software Developer Languages

First, to become a software developer many will learn Java or C first. These allow you to create interfaces and functionality for the programs. These involve a lot of logic and learning data science skills. Others will decide to learn Python or Ruby. Each is considered easy to learn and are very versatile in their use. Both are commonly used for web development. Python is also well known for its use in AI and machine learning. You may wish to enhance skills with LISP and Sequel. A bit more difficult but great skills to add to your resume.

Web Development Languages

If you decide to learn web development there are also numerous routes to achieve this goal. First, you have to decide whether you want to become a Front End, a Back End, or a Full-Stack web developer. A Front end developer just focuses on the design and user interface ( what the user sees on the pages). The Back-End developer works with functionality, user interaction, data management, and making it user-friendly. A Full-Stack web developer has taken the time to learn the Front-End and Back-End skills to completely create and deploy a fully functioning website.

To begin , it is usually easier to start with Front End programming languages. Many people start with HTML or Hypertext Markup Language. This is pretty much the content of the web page; it includes the header with the nav-bar, the body with paragraphs and images etc, and a footer with copyright or contact information. With greater HTML skills you can do so much more than just that.

Afterwards, many people go to CSS which is Cascading Style Sheets. This is because it goes hand-in-hand with HTML. Programmers use it to design the interface and create amazing graphics. With CSS you work with background colors, font colors and sizes, box shadows and so much more. Many incredible projects can be easily completed using just HTML and CSS. If you want to know more about web designing and software, kindly visit this dedicated website for further details.

A common third choice to resort to is Javascript. JavaScript can be used for front-end purposes and back-end purposes. With newer versions you can manipulate the DOM to combine HTML and JavaScript together making it easier and convenient to create a web page. It is also widely used to add functionality and create a great user experience.

After JavaScript people are now turning to React. React is used with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more made popular for it combining HTML CSS in JavaScript allowing a more versatile, and fluid way to code. With this language you can create fully functioning web applications with beautiful user interfaces. Not to mention learning React will enhance your HTML ,CSS, and JavaScript. React can be used for front-end and back-end purposes while still making it very easy for programmers to complete projects.

After learning some of those front end languages you can consider studying and practicing their libraries and frameworks or you can continue on to learn back end languages. Many people used to turn to PHP but are now learning Python which is easier and highly versatile. These two programming languages combine with the front end side to add functionality to your software. They also help incorporate data science aspects you need for storing and retrieving data and so much more. These also have libraries, frameworks or variations you can learn to enhance your skills. Finally, consider learning a data science system like MySQL.

App Developer

If you wish to get into app development first consider learning Java which can be used in software, web, and app development (another very versatile language but harder to learn). After people learn XML which is similar to HTML. Others will learn Phaser for amazing graphics and interface. Python is another language that can be used for app development especially for AI apps.

Final Thoughts

All in all, whether you desire to work in software, web or app development; there are countless ways to achieve this goal. Just decide what your long term career goals are and plan a path to get there. There is no right way or wrong way besides not trying. You must constantly be willing to learn everyday. Don’t forget to use great resources like repelit, codesandbox, codepen and GitHub to further improve your coding skills. These websites allow you to reach out to other programmers around the world and share your code while learning and completing projects. Visit this website in order to acquire additional information about the design and development of websites and software.

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