Fabulous Ideas for Burgundy Hair Colours

Burgundy Hair Colours

Burgundy hair hue is commonly used for hair dyeing, especially in brunettes. Ladies with medium brown hair and blondes sometimes opt for this noble hair colour in order to look brighter. Even sometimes redheads opt for burgundy colour but gravitate towards the warm shades with a mixture of cinnamon.

Initially, the burgundy colour was considered the best hair colour for brunettes. Nowadays, even brunettes opt for this eye-popping colour. If you don’t want to choose bolder colours, you can consider ombre in red dyes. These ones can be washed out after a day so you can rock whatever colour you need. From classic to vivid, to old burgundy, here are the best burgundy hair shades to choose. Check this website for more info.

1.Purple Tipped Tresses.

There is no need to shade the whole head to rock the perks that come with burgundy hair. Take the light steps to burgundy by colouring the tips and front pieces in subtly melted reddish-purple hues. The flash of shade is still dynamic and entirely bold.

2.Burgundy Beach Waves.

This mermaid style just took the burgundy beach waves to the next level, especially when paired with a metallic finish. It is a perfect style for women with fair skin complexions. The cinnamon red contrasts perfectly with ivory skin tone and makes you appear ready for beach life.

3.Burgundy on Fire.

When you look keenly at this hair hue, you will notice tiny tones of blonde peeking through. The hairstyle also incorporates some beautiful baby lights that turn the burgundy colour on fire, and the trimmed cut with different lengths just lends to this exciting look.

4.Pixie Perfect.

The pixie by its own is a fantastic look, but incorporating a traditional hair shade on top of that gives you a haircut that is entirely out of this world. It is both a work and part haircut.

5.Cranberry Curls.

These mid-length textured manes are trendy, but when you infuse cranberry highlights, you make them unique. This is a sweet berry look you should not ignore.

6.Mahogany Mane.

These are elongated, bouncy and shiny curls-the beautiful strands are even made more gorgeous with deep mahogany hue. And the most preferred thing about hair colour is that they are formal enough for work settings, but unique enough to steal the show.

7.Burgundy Ombre.

Here are two shades in one. You can change the dark hair into to glam red-brown if you get an expert stylist. The ombre impact makes it appear as if the natural dark hair is fading into a burgundy pool, and you just want to plunge into it.

8.Mulled Wine.

Burgundy and red maroon are two inseparable colours. This incredible colourist ideal is achieved through the balayage technique, where the hue is placed strategically on significant sections.


Some women don’t like burgundy hair colour since they think it looks too garish. However, red wine can be cool and decent when highlighted with cherry wood. It is also a professional look you can rock in an office.

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