Matthew Davies Explains Why Overnight Success Doesn’t Really Exist

Overnight Success

When we see a normal person suddenly become successful, we tend to think that they have achieved an ‘overnight success’. However, overnight success is nothing but a myth. Even people who win the lottery don’t win on their first try. Usually, lottery winners have been buying lottery for years. Our guest for today, Matthew Davies believes that the only way to be truly successful is to work hard and be patient. He will explain a little more about the topic below.

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Every one of us wants to be successful in life. The definition of success varies from person to person. For some people, it only means financial freedom. For other people, it may mean power and fame that comes along with money. Whatever it is, you must work hard for it and try to earn it in a legit way. Wishing for an overnight success won’t help you to achieve your goal.

People who believe in overnight success stories only know the half-truth. If you dig a little deeper, you will always learn that their success has been preceded by lots of struggle and effort. Just think about famous people like Steve Jobs, Colonel Sanders, and Lebron James. All of them are the epitome of success but they all had to overcome many difficulties in their lives.

Steve Jobs was a youth icon and started his company in a garage. Colonel Sanders didn’t find overnight success at the age of 56. His idea was rejected over a thousand times. He succeeded only because he believed in himself and his idea and worked diligently to find a solution to the problem. Lebron James sacrificed many things and only focused on improving his skills. Yes, he was talented, but talent alone will not get your anywhere. He practiced for 15 years before he got selected as a player in the NBA.

Thus, people who know better don’t believe in overnight success. They work diligently in order to achieve their goal. Media often highlights only the success stories and creates the illusion of overnight success. However, if you pay attention, you will find that the same media will expose how much all the movie stars and athletes had to sacrifice to reach their goals.

Now, you may think that people who became millionaires at the age of 18 or 22 have achieved success overnight but that is also not true. They have achieved early success. Celebrities like Mark Zuckerberg and Justin Beiber also had to struggle in order to achieve fame and money. Yes, they didn’t have to struggle for decades but they did have to put in the effort and go through periods of disappointment.

Thus, you have to be patient and do what you do best. So whether it be the simple production of continue planning and executing, and striving for your goals and it will soon become a huge success – Your Own Success. Believe in your ideas and your ability to execute them. Connect with people and learn from them. Stay motivated and work diligently. Once you do all this, success will knock at your doorstep.


Matthew Davies believes that if you want to find early success, you should find the right mentor who can guide you on your journey. A good mentor will keep you in shape, hold you accountable for all your actions and always push you to perform at your best.

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