Five Types of Pig Waterers to Consider for Your Farm

Pig Waterers

To keep your livestock healthy, it is important to keep them fed and hydrated on a regular basis. However, a common problem that many pig farmers have is trying to figure out a way to successfully keep their animals hydrated as they face issues such as how much water to provide for the animals, where to get it from, and what type of pig waterer to use. There are so many different types to choose from, so making a decision can be overwhelming. That’s why here, we’ve made a list of the top five types of pig waterers to consider for your farm.

1. Nipple Drinkers

These tend to be some of the most popular types of waterers out there, especially for new and beginner farmers. They are simple to use as all a pig has to do is put the nozzle in its mouth for the water to come out, much like they would in nature. The only downfall here is that there tends to be a lot of water waste as the water drips out of the nozzle rather quickly and even through the sides of the animal’s mouth.

2. Bowls

Just about anyone with an animal is familiar with bowl waterers. They are pretty low maintenance and straight to the point and can easily be used by any animal—not just pigs. They can be easily adjusted for animal height as well, which is beneficial for when the pigs start to grow. Much like the nipple drinkers, however, they do tend to waste a bit of water though not as much as the nipple drinkers do. Still, they make a great pig waterer for anyone looking for something simple and easy to use.

3. Automatic Watering System

If you live on a large farm and have a lot of pigs, an automatic watering system may be a good option for you. These are great because you don’t have to worry about filling up your pig’s water each day if you set up the watering system the right way and keep a constant supply of fresh water on hand for them. One thing to remember is to make sure to put a heavy weight down into the waterer to make sure the pig doesn’t tip it over as this can happen often.

4. Metal Feeders

These are quite popular due to the fact that they are sturdy and durable. Pigs are incredibly strong creatures that can easily tip over their waterers, wasting the water and leaving them without anything to drink. A metal feeder, however, is more heavy duty and won’t tip over as easily as other feeders would. Best of all, they are easy to repair should they break or get damaged in any way. They are also low maintenance and easy to clean and won’t attract mould at the bottom like some other feeders can.

5. Wet/Dry Feeders

These feeders are pretty self-explanatory given the name. In these feeders, there is space for both food and water, making it easy access for the pigs and making it easier on you when it comes time to feed them. The only downside to these types of feeders, however, is that they can be difficult to clean out and some pigs may have a hard time using them, especially smaller ones as they can have a hard time reaching their food or the water once it starts to get to the bottom. However, they are convenient and easy to use, so they are certainly worth considering.

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