6 Smart Reasons Why Hedgehogs Make For A Great Pet

Why Hedgehogs Make For A Great Pet

Hedgehogs are great animals, and everyone would love to have them as pets. They are not as easy to keep as a cat or a dog, but this article is definitely for you if you have the will to keep one.

1. Hedgehogs Are Hyperallergic

If you have ever owned a pet, you might have problems with allergic reactions. Some people are allergic to cats. Some adore them and can’t live without them. Dogs make for great companions as well, but they also bring about the possibility of allergies and infections.

On the other hand, hedgehogs produce very few allergens. This makes it easy for most people to own them without any allergic reactions. So, allergies should not stop you from having hedgehogs as pets.

2. Hedgehogs Are Nocturnal

If you’re planning on owning this pet, then the chances are that your lifestyle is pretty much nocturnal as well. Having a nocturnal creature as a pet does have its perks.

For starters, they won’t be awake when you are sleeping, and you can go to work knowing that they’re safe in their cage. Also, if you do take the hedgehog outside for a little fun, as long as it’s dark outside, there will be no one around to stare at your strange-looking pet.

3. They Have An Easy Diet

You don’t have to worry about your pet getting fat or anything like that. You only need to buy the animal a few things like mealworms and hedgehog food. These are usually all that your new friend will ever need. The best part is that they will eat as much of it as possible because it contains all the vitamins and nutrients they need. Make sure you also include insects and fruits in the hedgehog diet. This website offers a detailed information regarding pet care, healthy food, breed and other accessories.

4. Hedgehogs Don’t Smell

If you’re worried about your pet stinking, you can stop right now. Hedgehogs are very clean animals and will take care of their own hygiene to the best of their abilities. But you must still ensure you clean their cages often to maintain a fresh smell.

5. Don’t Worry About Leaving Them Alone

When you have a busy schedule, your lovely pet won’t get mad if you happen to leave them alone. Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals, so they will spend their days sleeping. But this also means they won’t be in your face all day long. As long as you don’t abandon them altogether, your pet won’t be a bother at all. They’re no doubt that caring for hedgehogs is super easy as they’re not too demanding.

6. Their Quills Won’t Hurt You

This is probably one of the reasons why people are still petting hedgehogs. They won’t hurt you, even if they’re having a bad day. Their quills may prick you, but it doesn’t hurt at all. You can pick your animal up or pet them without feeling any discomfort whatsoever.

The only time their quills will hurt you is when they’re under threat. They are very defensive animals, so they have to protect themselves. But as long as you treat them properly, the defense mechanism should come off. To get more information about pets by clicking here:

So, are you ready to take your pretty hedgehog home? Well, these are all the good reasons why you should do so soon.

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