5 Common Bird Food Buying Mistakes And How To Enjoy Them

Bird Food Buying Mistakes And How To Enjoy Them

Anyone who has tried bird food bought in a store knows all too well that you need to be wary, at least as far as freshness and nutrition are concerned. Too often, the food is old and stale and nutrition-poor, containing fillers such as corn, wheat, or other grains that are perfectly good for feeding to chickens, but not your pet birds.

1- Not Paying Attention to the Ingredients

If you are buying bird food, you need to ensure that the ingredients in commercial food contain more than just seeds made from ground corn and small pieces of dried fruit. Ingredients should also include vegetables, beans, whole grains, and even meat products. The solution to this mistake is to look at the food ingredients before deciding which one is suitable for your birds.

2- Buying More Than You Need

Many people mistake buying too much bird food for their pet birds. This leads to a significant amount of unused, wasted food that can become moldy if not disposed of properly. Molds can be harmful to the health of your pet birds and should be avoided at all costs.

While it is important to remember that birds will not eat everything you give them, there is a point where you need to stop offering food. Because birds are very particular about their diet, they might become dependent on certain foods. If you keep supplying them with the same things, they will not be able to eat average seeds when they are done with their therapy. Get birds food that is enough for your birds.

3- Not Storing Your Food Properly

A common mistake when buying bird food is not storing it properly. Bird food should be stored in a dry location at room temperature. Do not keep your bird food near other pets or people. Ensure your food is stored correctly within the prescribed conditions.

4- Buying the Wrong Food

When you buy food that is not appropriate for your bird’s species, such as too dry or wet, you risk causing stress and even more severe health problems. If you can’t tell by looking, always read the label.

Although it is not illegal to buy seed food that is not fresh, it is not suitable for the birds. One of the ways to keep the seed fresh is to keep it in water. The natural enzymes are destroyed when you hold the food in water for long periods. Therefore, when you buy wet bird food, you are risking making your birds sick. Too wet bird food foods should be avoided to ensure good health for your birds.

5- Buying Bird Food That Has Been Stored Incorrectly

Buying bird food that has been stored incorrectly is one of the most common mistakes made by novice bird keepers. Unfortunately, this can lead to disastrous consequences for your feathered friends. To avoid this mistake, ensure the food you buy is correctly stored in the proper condition.

To enjoy the benefit of buying the best bird food for your pet bird, always consider the volume and make sure you are getting the best pack for consumption. Bird food needs to be fresh and stored away from light and moisture.

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