How To Prepare Your Dog For A Pet Transport Service

Prepare Your Dog For A Pet Transport Service

Hiring a pet transport service to facilitate your dog’s safe transportation to the intended destination makes sense because, after all, your feline is part of the family, so they deserve the best. An excellent pet-courier knows the best way to transport your dog, from custom crates, pet-friendly airlines to temperature-controlled transportation. However, before the travel day arrives, you have to prepare your dog for travel and familiarize yourself with the fundamental requirements for international and domestic pet shipping.

Talk To Your Vet

The first thing to do is to consult your vet to get a clear picture of your dog’s general health. You want to ensure it is in optimum health and shape before traveling. The vet will inform you of any health complications like obesity that should be observed and treated. If you are traveling overseas, the vet will take the tests and administer the vaccinations required by the destination country. Your vet will recommend the most suitable treatments and implant the ISO-compliant microchip.

Crate Training

This is perhaps the most vital step of preparation as it ensures your dog will be comfortable and unagitated during the journey. The travel crate needs to be large enough for the dog to stand up, turn around, and lay down comfortably. It should also comply with the IATA regulations. It is best to begin crate training early to associate the crate with safety and happiness.

Begin training gradually until the dog can sleep in it comfortably throughout the night because it will spend many hours in the crate during the journey. The training helps your dog overcome the anxiety associated with staying near strangers and a new environment. Reassurance and positive feedback help the dog keep calm and comfortable in the crate.


Shy and timid dogs do not do well with change, and a long journey can be quite stressful. Fortunately, you can help your dog cope better through socialization and making sure they calm stay calm in unknown and new situations. You can do so by taking your dog to doggy daycare, dog-friendly restaurants, and a dog park frequently to help them deal with the stress associated with travel.

Take your dog to noisy and crowded places to familiarize them with large crowds and noise. Your feline friend will interact with several people like the pet transport company staff and pet hotel staff. With proper socialization training, they can cope with the situation better and remain relaxed.

Do Not Overfeed The Dog

Since what goes in has to come out, you must monitor the amount of water and food your dog takes to avoid accidents during the journey, whether they will be traveling on the ground or air. If you do not feed your feline 3 hours into the flight, they will have enough time to digest and use the potty before the journey. While it is healthy for your pup to stay hydrated, make sure they do not take a lot of water right before traveling.

Check The Supplies

There are certain things your pup will need for the journey. These may include their favorite blanket, your old sock or t-shirt to help them feel close to you, and toys. If they are traveling by air, avoid packing sentimental or expensive items because quarantine, airline, or customs might discard them. Toys, harnesses, and collars are not allowed on flights, but your dog can use them upon arrival.

Your dog deserves the best travel experience, whether you are relocating to a new state or country or taking an extended vacation. The efforts you take to ensure your pup has a good time during their time in the traveling vessel are worthwhile.

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