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6 Signs That It’s Time To Replace Your Eyeglasses

Time To Replace Your Eyeglasses

Optometrists can correct most vision issues with the right pair of eyeglasses. It is necessary to keep up with your routine eye check-ups, which will give your optician a chance to check on the state of your sight and glasses to determine whether you need to replace them or not. This is a list of indicators that it is time to replace your eyeglasses.

1. Squinting

Among the top things that warrant concern about the effectiveness of your eyeglasses is if you squint when you have them on. The mechanism of squinting is to allow more light to enter your eyes which results in a clearer image. Glasses are supposed to help concentrate the light and thus are ineffective if you are squinting. This is a sign that you need to replace the glasses as soon as possible.

2. Headaches

When you have on outdated glasses, you tend to experience more headaches. The excessive strain causes headaches as you try to read or look at objects. It is important to note that prescription glasses may still work as before even when they are past their helpful stage and should still be changed if they are causing headaches.

3. Blurred Vision

Did you know that your left eye and right eye may be under the same prescription and react differently over time to the same glasses? This means that the glasses need to be adjusted to be useful for both eyes. The most noticeable change to warrant a change of glasses is blurry vision. Changes such as blurred vision could be linked to the development of other illnesses apart from the eyeglasses and thus should be treated promptly at your next eye appointment.

4. Dirty Lenses

If you are having a hard time keeping your glasses stain-free, this could be a sign to change them. Your glasses may not be as easy to clean as before because their coating has deteriorated. This means that your eyeglasses can no longer effectively offer protection from ultraviolet rays and blue light. If you notice these changes be sure to change your glasses.

5. Scratches

When the lenses have scratches, it is time to trade them off for a new pair. The scratches cause major inconveniences because it is not easy to see with them, which defeats the purpose of the glasses. Scratches and dents are a reason to get new glasses.

6. Time

As time goes by and technology advances, you may find that your glasses are not working as well as they once did. There is no need to have clunky glasses when you can get swanky ones with a terrific frame that fits your face and works equally well. Newer models have more advanced features that do more than help you see better but also reduce strain and offer UV protection.

It is also recommended to have your prescription glasses checked out by an optometrist if you have had them for over one year. There may be some significant changes in your vision that warrant new glasses or an adjustment in your current lenses.


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