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Five Behaviors Of Addicts

Five Behaviors Of Addicts

The general behaviors of an addicted person are somewhat confusing, can be frustrating, and even sad. The strength of many addictive substances can be so powerful that several people become overwhelmed by it. Their communication and actions become dictated by their desire for more dangerous drugs although those people who care for and love the addict may not always understand why the addict speaks and acts the way they do. Without correctly realizing that general drug use is usually the culprit behind the weird, abusive, or criminal behavior you see, the strange behaviours could continue for years to come.

When a person you care for is addicted to a substance, the truth can be somewhat difficult to face. You are not alone in having a difficult time conducting with the morality and personality shifts of the person you love. JC’s Recovery Center can help.

This following list should provide help to you in separating facts from fake. And, you can eventually decide for yourself to make smarter decisions and choose the right actions. Note that there are also non-substance addictions that should be taken seriously.

Common Behavior Traits of an Addict

  1. Addicts Have a Common Behavior Of Lying.

Addicts tend to feel the want to tell lies and stories to mislead or misguide others about where they happened to be when they were really purchasing or abusing alcohol or drugs. If you notice a person’s behavior suddenly changes unexpectedly and the explanations do not make much sense, you need to use common sense. If the story you are being told does not seem to make sense, then surely there is a very good reason as to why. It probably means that you were being lied to and you may be able to test some of the stories. Although, you probably won’t have many ways of actually knowing if someone siphoned gas out of his or her own car, giving them an excuse to get $20 from you immediately. But, the key would be if these odd things continue to happen to him. And then eventually the addicts life descends into dark chaos, completely covered up by these lies.

  1. Addicts Tend To Manipulate Others.

Usually, the immediate family and good friends of an addicted woman or man really want that addict to stay happy. They may try and coax good decisions but don’t forget that the addicted man or woman is on a destructive path. The enticement of the toxic drugs can be so strong, that the addict convinces themself that he or she needs the drugs in order to function properly or in order to get through another day smoothly. In order for the addict not to become extremely ill from withdrawal symptoms, many times the addict will manipulate others who are naive and are close to the addict. The addicted person will many times try to promise others he or she will do better, start going to meetings, and keep themself healthier. But it all usually turns out to be empty promises where it ends the addict back to drinking, shooting up, and making the addict look like a worse liar than they were before.

  1. Addicts May Become Involved In Criminal Acts

Though stealing money and being engaged in criminal acts are not true of each and every addict out there, it is not an unusual track pattern for a person who has been addicted to drugs or alcohol for a long time to do so. When time goes by, money eventually runs out. The addict has pawned everything of value and now they owe family members and friends more money. It is sometimes at this point that many people will contemplate committing crimes. Selling illegal drugs are usually common crimes that the addict does. Also, robbery, car thefts, identity theft, credit card theft and general shoplifting are also common crimes many engage in. There is also the crime of an addict driving while he or she is high or drunk.

  1. Sometimes An Addicted Person Will Shift The Blame.

Irresponsibility is nothing new to a addicted woman or man. Even though this person may have once lived a past life as a highly responsible and intelligent individual, drug addiction can quickly take that quality away from a person. To an addict, whatever happens never seems to be his or her fault. If the addict gets fired from their day job, it’s mainly always the boss’s fault, and the addicted person was unfairly called out. Excuses, blaming others, and irresponsibility are three general things the addicted person is very familiar with and does not mind doing. If he or she fails at something, those people he or she knows will be blamed instead of taking full ownership of their own faults.

  1. It Is Not Strange For An Addict To Become Abusive.

It is sad when an addict’s blame takes an abusive or violent form. With the violent, delusional thinking pattern common to many addicts today, he or she may see others around him or her as being dangerous, threatening, or even malicious. As the addict tends to shift the blame on others, they may physically or emotionally attack those he decides to blame. It is the partner of an addicted man or woman who oftentimes has to deal with both the blame and the abuse from the addicted person. The addict may falsely accuse their spouse of not being supportive to him or her and emotional or mental abuse may be pointed at the spouse in order for them to shut down any way to correctly fight the real serious issue which is the addiction.

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