A Beginner’s Guide To Power Dressing

A Beginner’s Guide To Power Dressing

In business, it’s no longer enough to just dress for the job you want. Today, it’s vital that you dress for the power and responsibilities that you’re looking to obtain.

That’s why power dressing is a vital tool to helping businesspeople to get ahead and achieve the success they desire.

There’s no one specific technique to power dressing; every individual is different, and as such every power outfit is unique. Check out our guide to power dressing, which will help you to find the outfits that make you look good and feel ready to take on anything.

Pant Suits Are The Definition Of Power Dressing

For those who are unsure what to wear to make themselves feel empowered, a pant suit is the perfect choice. Wearing pants instead of a skirt is chic and practical, whilst the jacket feels comforting and sophisticated. They come in a variety of colors and styles, so you’ll be able to find the perfect one that makes you feel like the best version of yourself.

Make A Statement In Bold Prints

One great way to show your unique sense of style and look powerful is to choose a bright print. You could go with the classic leopard print or polka dots. Alternatively, you could go for something a little more daring like a funky checked print. Whatever you choose, you need to make sure that you don’t overload your outfit. The print should be the statement; all other aspects of your outfit should be more subtle to give the pattern center stage.

Chunky Jewelery Is An Easy Way To Set Off A Plain Outfit

Power dressing isn’t easy for everyone, so if you’re someone who knows what they like and feels most confident in plain clothing, then that’s OK. An easy way you can enhance even the simplest of outfits is to add a few pieces of statement jewelery. You might choose a big pair of hoop earrings for a retro vibe, or you might prefer a statement necklace. Whatever you choose, wear it with confidence and use it to make your look shine.

Makeup Can Have A Big Difference

Another effective way to make a difference to a plain ensemble is to add a touch of makeup. You could use a red lipstick to add a pop of color or do a bold eye look to set off your defining features. Makeup is not only a great way to give yourself confidence, but also a fun and relaxing activity to start your day with. Getting creative with your makeup with leave you looking and feeling great before you even arrive at the office.

Even Your Accessories Have An Important Impact

You might think that the accessories you wear aren’t as important as your clothes, but they have as much of an impact. Even the bag you carry makes a difference to the way you feel. Invest in a quality bag like one of the magnificent Saint Laurent bags from SSENSE, so that every aspect of your outfit makes you feel confident and ready to face anything.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Standing Out

If you’re walking into a boardroom where everyone else is smart casual, you might feel pressured to dress the same, but remember that power dressing is all about setting yourself apart from the rest. You want to look and feel like someone who’s working harder and smarter than everyone else, and if that means looking a little out of place then so be it. It’s better to stand out whilst feeling good than it is to be miserable and fit in.

Heels Can Be Empowering

An easy way to quickly boost your morale, and your height, is to wear a pair of comfortable high heels. Heels have long been a symbol of empowerment, so they’ll make you feel ready to face anything. Make sure that you’re comfortable and able to walk properly in them; if you’re not then you’ll just end up feeling embarrassed and in pain. If you really struggle to walk in heels, try a pair of big, bold boots, to give yourself a boost without hurting yourself.

It’s All About Confidence

In the end, power dressing is all about making yourself look and feel confident. If you don’t feel good in an outfit, then it’s not going to work for you. What other women call power dressing might not empower you, and that’s OK; everyone’s different. Take the time to find out what you feel best in and then invest in several statement pieces that will help you to look good and perform well under pressure.

Power dressing is perfect for anyone who wants to get ahead in business and improve their prospects. Use these tips to help you put together the perfect power dressing looks that will take you to the professional heights you aspire to.

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