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Current Trends in DNA Testing

DNA Testing

DNA testing has stood out as the prime standard in forensic testing and is fundamental in the criminal justice community. For decades, it has been utilized to settle controversial cases such as murders, homicides, and sexual assaults. This has resulted in the adoption of new techniques and the development of the old ones. DNA testing has become vital in analyzing and identifying samples that are deemed as scarce and too damaged to be helpful. Here are some of the current trends relating to DNA testing.

Forensic Genealogy

It involves the study of families by use of their lineages. Genealogists use historical records, genetic analysis, and oral interviews to determine a family’s information. Additionally, it also extracts kinships and pedigrees of the members. Genealogy also covers community history and biography. The process begins with a DNA sample that is uploaded to a database like GEDmatch. It relays family trees by referencing minute bits of DNA with obituaries, public records, and social media profiles.

It looks at the family unit in each generation, names, dates, places, and ancestral lives to provide the most reliable data. FBI and other law enforcers have embraced the trend in retrieving criminology pieces of evidence that seemed to be a pot of gold.


This field seems similar to biological computation, but it is used to interpret biological data. It operates by determining genes and protein functions, which is crucial in establishing evolutionary relationships.

Bioinformatics incorporates computer science, biology, mathematics, informatics engineering, and statistics to interpret complex and large data. The major techniques are image and signal processing to extract raw data findings.

Molecular Biology

This field demonstrates the cell’s physiology by understanding formations, modifications, and biological activities between cells. It focuses on nucleic acids and proteins, which are essential in life processes. Molecular biology has been incorporated in providing insights into the nature of genes. It functions by understanding three-dimensional structures and utilizing techniques such as x-ray diffraction.

Biologists use it to locate the genes on specific chromosomes and associate them with an organism’s character. Genetic engineering is involved in isolating, sequencing, and modifying genes, a vital step in the analysis.

DNA Sequencing Technology

It incorporates a technique known as electrophoresis to disintegrate DNA pieces to determine the nucleic acid sequence. DNA is placed on one side of the gel, a slab of gelatin-like substance. Electric current is applied through the placement of electrodes at either side of the gel. This causes the DNA molecule movement through the gel, which separates them based on their sizes. It has been utilized to separate about 500 bases to clear bands. Automatic sequencing machines have emerged, which provide quick and reliable sequencing.

Fragment Analysis

This is a tool used in a wide range of utilities such as genotyping, detection of mutations, DNA profiling, and identification of short tandem repeats. It is accompanied by many advantages, such as automated workflows, easy data analysis, independent sequencing methods, and simple preparations. Fragment analysis is considered cost-effective, fast turnaround time, and has high sensitivity and resolution.

Combined DNA Index System

It is a forensic science and computer technology that solves violent crimes for states, federal governments, and local laboratories. The system compares and exchanges DNA profiles through electronic means for investigations. This system is also essential in identifying missing and unknown individuals based on biological evidence matches. CODIS database contains discrete indexes that are used to store DNA profile information.

For instance, there are three indexes in a criminal investigation: the offender that contains the convicted’s DNA profile, the arresting officer with profiles of those arrested for crimes following laws of a particular state, and one with evidence from the crime scene.

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