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Holiday Party in Dallas

Planning for an event can be stressful and very time consuming, and with the holidays coming up you just know those Christmas and New Years parties are right around the corner. If your in charge of planning a Holiday Party in Dallas this Christmas season it’s important to know what to consider and what things are most important when choosing a venue to hold your holiday festivities. By choosing the right venue for you and your staff, co-workers or friends you can take away from the stress and workload it puts on you so you can sit back and enjoy the holidays too.

  1. Location

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when choosing a venue for your holiday party is location. You definitely want to choose a place that is a common area and easy to get to for most of your attendees if it is too far out of the way or in a location that is undesirable your participation will decrease or you will have people leaving early to get home. After you get a good idea of what location you are looking at, you can then narrow your search to venues only in that area.

  1. The Menu

The next most important thing to consider when booking your holiday party venue is the menu and what type of catering they have to offer. The food is what people come for so you need to be sure the venue has a good menu with a variety of options for many different dietary needs and preferences. It is also a good idea to get details on what the catering includes, for example, is it just a dinner or do you get drinks, snacks and hors d’oeuvres included in your price. Also place your menu ahead of time and get input from other guests to be sure you are serving food that everyone will enjoy.

  1. What is Included

As your preparing your budget for the big event it is important to know what all is included in your price given. You will need to consider cost of labor to serve everyone, food cost, venue rental cost as well as everything else that goes into throwing a party so if the venue’s price seems high but they cover everything involved it may actually save you money in the long run. Also, decorations can get pricey and are very time consuming if you have to do them yourself if the venue takes care of decorations and creating a holiday themed room for you and your event it will certainly be worth it.

  1. Number of Guests

Finally, when planning your holiday party it is very important to know how many guests will be attending and consider that into the venue you choose as well. Some venues will only hold up to a certain amount of people depending on the size of the room and fire hazards that could occur. If your looking to have 100 people as opposed to 700 people it makes a big difference in the amount of space you will need and you never want overbook yourself and end of paying for more guests than attend.

This holiday season wow your guests with not only the perfect holiday get together but in the perfect location. You’ll have the best holiday joy ever knowing you provided a fun filled night of food, wine and games to all who attend!

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