Best Retail POS Systems for 2020

Retail POS Systems

Like all business owners, you likely want to grow in 2020. One of the ways you can make this easier is with the right point of sale system. Today, POS systems are more advanced than ever and able to offer businesses like yours all manner of powerful tools. However, figuring out which is the right system for your needs can be challenging.

Stores and Product Retailers

If you own a retail business selling products to your customers, you need a POS system that can handle higher volumes of sales as you grow your business. It should accept multiple payment types including cash, credit cards, smartphone payments and more. Additionally, it should help you with inventory so that you always have the right products in stock.

To meet these needs, the new Clover Station is a great option. It features a cash drawer, card reader and NFC terminal. Better yet, the interface is very simple. You can learn this system quickly and train new employees without all the fuss that used to accompany old-fashioned POS systems.

Online Retail

If you are running an online business, you may need a more software-oriented solution. Consider getting Invoices Unlimited. This lets you invoice your customers, accept payments online and track the status of each invoice easily. Additionally, if you give them time to pay (this is common for business-to-business companies), you can send out automatic reminders to encourage timely payment.

With powerful reporting, you can also see all your expenses. It even helps with estimates.

Service Business

For your service business running out of a retail location, you may consider the Booker POS system. This unique point of sale solutions includes tools like easy appointment scheduling and an option for your customers to book online. That means that you can keep your calendar full more easily. Having more appointments means more revenue.

Every business is a little different. Don’t try to fit the wrong POS system into your business’ operation. Choose one that is designed for service businesses like yours.

Personal Service Solution

In some businesses, employees give more personal attention to customers. This may be because you have a high-end retail establishment or for restaurants with a wait staff. In either case, you want a more flexible solution that is appropriate for how you serve your customers.

Consider the Clover Flex. This POS system includes the features of Clover described above. However, it is all packaged in a convenient, handheld terminal. This can be a powerful way to offer a more personal approach to retail.

If you have a business that experiences significant rushes, this may also be helpful to increase your customer flow without needing extra counter space. It is truly a flexible solution.

Get the Right POS System in 2020

Every business has different needs. Therefore, there is no single best POS system in 2020. However, all of the above systems can be effective in different situations. Explore them and figure out which is the right one for you. When you get it set up, you will be in good shape to take on 2020 with confidence.

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