How Food Styling Can take your Food Photography session to the next level?

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The food-photography session can make any food mouth-watering. It helps highlight the chef’s best creations within the photographic frame. For years, experts have been implementing new techniques to make food appear something special.

Professional photographers put in a lot of effort to click the right image that highlights the food quality. You can search for food photography rules online and see what can be best implemented. Professional food photographer makes use of highly advanced camera and equipment to click his best shot.

Food styling is all about light, shadow, style, and composition to create a very unique image. Apart from natural light and flash, many other factors can prove helpful.

Always select the best base

This refers to the bowl, dish, or plate that you are going to use for decorating the food for the photography session. Always ensure you can be more creative and use something unconventional.

Being good does not mean that you may have to invest big money. Professional photographers use advanced techniques to create something unusual but not expensive.

Introduce cutlery

Food photographic session will never be complete without the proper use of cutlery. This is one of the elements that can make your image more realistic. Well-decorated cutlery will offer high-level gravity to your photograph.

It reflects the feeling that the food is ready to be served and you just need to dive-in to enjoy it.

Add fresh ingredients

Always ensure the ingredients you use are fresh. This means that when selecting an apple for photography, you have to select one that is fresh and not stale. For prepared food items, you can add chili flakes, flowers, and other elements in the background as well.

These are essential elements that will offer the food with a very fresh feel and looks. These types of food images always appear to be more realistic. This gives a feeling that the food was prepared right where it is being photographed.

Add texture

Texture can make a very big difference in your photography session. Texture can be added by using well-decorated napkins, table covers, and hand gloves. If you are presenting roasted chicken, then over gloves can be presented in the photograph.

A bowl of soup can be best presentable if a napkin has been used to decorate the surroundings. No matter what, always focus on the linen quality as well. Select colors that are natural and can highlight the image.

Garnishing factor

Sprinkling cilantro and parsley can add a lot of garnishing touch to your photograph. This is one of the best techniques that pro-photographers use to take their images to the entire next level of photography. A well-decorated food item is always more presentable.

You can also use olive oil to add shine factor to the food as dressing. Chocolate color can be highlighted using wax or olive oil.

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